Future proofing your business


Since 1996, Diamond Interiors have been fitting out and refurbishing offices for a large and diverse array of clients who are looking to relocate or refurbish their premises. Now, some 18 years later, we remain at the cutting edge of interior design and have embraced new technologies and systems to provide our client a consistently modern experience. Our approach is to look at every business for what it is: unique. This, added to our close relationships with some of the world’s most reputable furniture manufacturers, enables us to supply the best solution specific to suit any application and its requirements. As well as providing complete end to end solutions for our clients, Diamond Interiors also offer a comprehensive space planning, design and project/move management service along with dedicated after-sales support.


Our service is about far more than just buying furniture. Diamond Interiors use a process of workplace consultancy whereby, beginning with rigorously-detailed observation, study and analysis of the existing workplace, our skilled consultants can begin to form ideas of what is working well and what needs to be improved. With this in mind, we then start to find out more about the company; its internal culture, its staff, its goals and objectives, helping us to create a bespoke plan that will meet existing needs whilst being prepared for the future. We can then move towards your company’s vision in tandem, perfectly matching to and developing with your requirements.


By dedicated meetings with key members of management staff, our workplace consultants build up a picture of the company as it is seen from the top. This gives us the chance to directly understand the company’s vision and goals for the future, taking into account how existing space can be modified for bespoke demands Once this part of the study is complete, we will create a comprehensive business case, saving valuable time and hassle for the company. This can include aspects such as energy use, staff retention and ROI figures.


Too often, management takes critical decisions without consulting those whom it will directly affects. This is true when the opinions and needs of employees are not taken into account regarding the design of the workplace they will work in. By giving anonymous feedback on a detailed range of aspects, employees will create data that is then analysed to show exactly where problems lie with regards to space planning, productivity and well-being. The results will be used in conjunction with all of the other evidence gathered by our consultants and factored into our overall discussions and proposals.


As we believe that only the complete picture of a business should inform the final design of its premises, Diamond Interiors carries out additional research as required. This research can take many forms from goods audits to reviews of technology systems though, as mentioned previously, every project is unique and we do not limit our consultants as to what they feel is important to research when designing a superlative space plan.


Only so much planning can be done on paper and it is essential for clients to get a ‘hands-on’ experience in order to facilitate them to choose the best design solution. We arrange for our clients to visit various furniture manufacturers’ showrooms where they can see and try a suitable selection of furniture as well as make aesthetic decisions on fabric and finishes. With a wealth of experience, our consultants will be on hand and able to offer clear, concise and relevant advice on choosing between the various collections.