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How do we get anywhere in life without a plan? An efficient one that is. There is so much to consider when embarking on an office shake-up, which is why businesses all over are turning to office planning experts to help them. And it’s one of the smartest decisions you will make. We help you understand what can work with your budgets, adhere to health and safety regulations, and how your brand and industry can better thrive with a specialised work environment. We’re all looking to improve productivity and efficiency, and it starts even in the planning phase.

What exactly is involved in office consultancy?

Whether you need to rebrand, renovate or relocate, there are some big decisions to be made. That’s why you need a professional office design team that can guide you through every step. And it all starts with expert office planning.

Your office should be more than just a place you work. It should be a space where you and your team come together to achieve your collective goals. That’s why when you choose Diamond Interiors for your office design, we’ll take the time to get to know your company inside and out before we begin our process. That way, our consultants create a plan that is perfectly suited not just for where you are, but for where you want to be. That’s what makes us different.

Analysing your existing workspace

Before we plan anything, our consultants will visit your workspace to see how it currently operates. They’ll analyse what’s working well and what needs to improve. By using this as a starting point, they can identify the practical considerations that will need to be addressed in the plan. These practical issues – efficiency of space, energy usage, accessibility, and health and safety – will be a foundation for your new office layout.

Understanding your goals

The next step in the office planning process is for our consultants to meet with your senior staff members to learn about your company in as much detail as possible. We’ll ask you about the company’s culture, its mission, and the challenges that it faces in reaching its goals. We’ll seek to understand what you believe the next level is that your company needs to reach, so that we can create an office plan that will accommodate your future needs as well as your current ones. We have decades of experience in office refurbishment too, so you can fully rely on our expertise.

Listening to your staff

The people who are going to benefit most from modern office design are your staff. That’s why it’s important to have their input before your plan is complete. We’ll gather anonymous feedback with a company-wide staff survey to help us identify your team’s key pain points, which can be brought into consideration alongside the wider vision for the business. When your staff are happy, your business will thrive.

Using our expertise in office planning

Every business is unique and so is every project. Our office planning team here at Diamond Interiors knows this far too well. It’s why we are so dedicated to understanding your visions and delivering them. Our office consultants collect as much information as possible, often doing some additional research – from goods audits to reviews of technology systems – to get a complete picture. We’ll also use our expertise in office interior design trends to put together a modern office that your employees will love working in. Whether it’s partitioned, open-plan or even built with team enclosures, we have the expertise to make it work for you.

Showroom visits

Only so much planning can be done on paper. That’s why we’ll arrange for you to visit office furniture manufacturers’ showrooms to get hands-on with the furniture, fabric and finishes you are looking to renovate with. With a wealth of experience, our consultants will be on hand and able to offer clear, concise and relevant advice on choosing between the various collections. Whatever your brand, style, work dynamic or vision, we can guide you through to help make well-informed decisions.

Your completed office plan and beyond

When we’ve compiled all the information together, we’ll present you with a completed professional plan for your new office. In this plan, you’ll get a visual representation of how your office will look and function.

If you’re happy with your plan, we’re fully equipped to build your new office for you. With expert project management and dedicated post-project support, we can ensure you’ll be moving into your dream office in no time.

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