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    At Diamond Interiors – we understand that the cost of an office fit out can be quite complex. With shell and core, Category A (Cat A) and Category B (Cat B) fit outs, it can be tough to find out what you need.

    To make things easier, you can calculate a rough estimate for how much your office fit out may cost. Simply click on your requirements below, and you’ll get an office fit out calculation based on your choices.

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      Category A and Category B Fit-out Works - What's the difference?

      There are four main types of office fit out works which encompass the various stages of the building state during the design and build phase. These are Shell and Core, Cat A, Cat A+ and Cat B. Find out more about what each of these fit out types entail below:

      Shell & Core Fit-out

      Shell & Core fit out refers to the state of internal framework of a building before a fit out occurs. The space won’t be in a usable state at this stage and refers to the concrete and metal structure and will have concrete floors, skimmed walls and exposed services. It may have the communal areas completed including the reception, toilets and lift/Lobby.

       External walls  Windows  Roofing  Base floors  Stairwells  Lift shafts  Concrete floors  Cladding  Electrical  Plumbing  HVAC systems 

      Category A Fit-out

      A Category A fit out will provide a basic level of interior finish in addition to that provided in a Shell and Core fit out. This would generally be a functioning space that a landlord would be looking to lease and would usually be finished with a suspended ceiling, lighting, electrical services heating and raised flooring and in some instances air conditioning and sprinklers. The result is an ’empty shell’ space that a prospective tenant can review to see how it can be transformed into a workspace that will fit their needs.

      It is worth noting that a landlord is likely to ask that the space is returned to them in Category A condition at the end of the Lease.

      Typical Category A fit outs generally include all or most of the following:

      Lighting Basic mechanical and electrical services Air conditioning Toilets Raised access flooring Grid ceilings Fire detection services and smoke alarms Raised floors and suspended ceilings Basic internal finishes to the floors and walls Toilet shells as well as associated areas

      Category A+ Fit-out

      A Category A+ fit out is typically undertaken by landlords who are looking at attracting tenants into their space without having to undertake Category B fit out works. It is called Category A+ as it sits between a Category A fit out and Category B fit out whereby landlords offer pre-fitted, sometimes furnished spaces to prospective tenants but on a shorter lease. It has become a popular type of fit out with landlords who are offering flexible spaces under built to lease programmes. It is a way of creating a functional workspace that a tenant can more into immediately  whilst only having to make minimal adjustments, if any, to the space. Additionally, this is proving attractive to tenants who don’t want to commit to long term leases.

      Category B Fit out

      A Category B fit out will involve starting with a blank canvas and transforming it into a fully functional workspace ready for the tenant to occupy. Designed to the client’s specific requirements by working with a design and build fit out contractor it will include partitioned areas, floor coverings, wall and door finishes, IT infrastructure, branded design elements as well as all the fitted and loose furniture items. A Category B should be tailored to the individual needs of a client’s business and workforce, delivering the right mix workstations, collaborative areas, breakout areas and meeting rooms. A tailored Cat B fit out should also reflect the company brand and values. At the core of the whole process the aim should be to ensure your workspace is somewhere that your employees will love to work in whilst enabling you to attract and retain your industry best talent.

      A Category B fit out generally includes all or most of the following:

      Fully fitted kitchens and non-communal office amenities Partitioning; including meeting rooms, offices, collaborative and breakout areas IT installation and infrastructure All fixed and loose furniture including soft furnishings Air conditioning and heating Toilets and staff facilities Decoration, branded material and graphics Floor finishes