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We’re on a journey with you

Having worked in the office refurbishment and design industry for decades, we fully understand the factors that can get in the way. Things change or issues arise, and so you need a design team on board who is there for you; right from the beginning to the very end, and even thereafter. That’s why we’re incredibly proud to offer an outstanding office design post-project support team dedicated to your organisation and achieving resolutions.

Every finished project is a new beginning

We often hear stories about furniture suppliers who operate with a ‘job done’ attitude. When they finish a project, they promptly move on to the next one, leaving their existing customers feeling stuck if they have any problems.

At Diamond Interiors, we have a different philosophy. We understand that a finished project for us is a new beginning for you, which is why our experts are always on hand to help with any questions or queries you might have from the day your new office is open for business.

Additional furniture and extras

Our consultants are experts in creating detailed office plans, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances mean you might need a little more furniture than you originally requested.

Thankfully, our expert team are on hand to provide you with advice, guidance and anything else you might need. Whether that’s an additional bank of desks to give your team a little more space or an extra set of chairs for some new starters, we specialise in getting you everything you need without delay.

Local teams for fast service

Not all problems can be solved over the phone. We believe face-to-face customer service is important, which is why you’ll have a local Diamond Interiors after-sales support team ready on hand to help you whenever you need it.

Our local teams are able to promptly visit your new office should any issues occur, aiming to resolve them within the same day. That way, we ensure that nothing interferes with the smooth operation of your business.

Providing for individual needs

Though our office space plans are meticulously designed to meet all the needs of your staff, we can’t always anticipate the needs of people joining the business after your new office is furnished.

That’s why our consultants provide regular workplace assessments. We’ll conduct a full study of all aspects of a workstation or area of your workspace to identify any changes that could be made to meet the special needs of an individual.

We’ll then provide you with professional advice, working with the individual in question to find — and provide — the best solution.

Off-site storage facilities

When your office is fully furnished with brand-new, high-quality furniture from our suppliers, all those old desks and chairs need to go somewhere.

At Diamond Interiors, we can dismantle, package and remove all of your old office furniture and store it in our specialised off-site storage facilities. That way, you’ll have somewhere safe and unintrusive to keep your assets until they can be resold or disposed of accordingly.

A customer for life

We believe that once you’re a customer with Diamond Interiors, you’re a customer for life. Our dedication to aftercare is a testament to that. Our level of service sets us apart from the crowd, and that’s something we’re proud of.

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