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We have years of experience within clinic interior design. We transform both small and large healthcare facilities using our team of interior design experts. Clinic interior design begins with us understanding your healthcare facility and what you want to achieve from your interior design. We tailor our services to the needs of the client in order to create the perfect clinic interior. Whether your canteen needs renewing, or the furniture in your waiting room needs updating — we are here to help.

Helping you to find the perfect design

Picking a design for your clinic can be tricky, and it may seem like a mammoth decision. Luckily, our team of designers are here to offer all the support you need when it comes to creating your clinic interior design vision. Bring your healthcare facility into the 21st century with a modern and fresh interior design; your staff and patients are sure to appreciate it. With our project managers overseeing the entire operation, your chosen designs will be implemented efficiently and to schedule. Our passion for design shines through all of the projects that we undertake, and we have some very happy clients to vouch for our capabilities.

Effective space planning

Space plays a major role in design — it determines the size and placement of furniture — and at Diamond Interiors we put it as a top priority. We always work around the space that you have available. We can transform the interior of your healthcare facility efficiently with spatial planning. In a tetris-like manner we check the dimensions of your facility in order to use the space effectively. Our 3D visualisation tool allows clients to see how their clinic will look before making any final decisions.

Why choose us?

When it comes to clinic interior design, there is no better option than our team of design professionals. We give our customers an outstanding experience, minimise any disruption to their healthcare facility and ensure that their staff and patients have an interior tailored to their needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver clinic interior designs to be envious of.

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