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Taking pride in your business is something that we can relate to here at Diamond Interiors. We’ve honed our craft over the years to offer a first-class commercial interior design service that will help you feel proud of your business every day. We work nationwide, offering commercial interior design in Manchester, London, and everywhere in between. Whether you run a salon, manage an office, or direct an independent business, we can help you align your brand identity with the layout and design of your commercial space.

Effective workplace design

In this day and age, catering for your employees and your customers is so important; not only for good business, but for the health and safety of everyone. Workplaces need to be modern and adaptable to accommodate staff and visitor needs. Commercial interior design is a lot more than simply making things look colourful or trendy. It’s a thoroughly detailed and well-thought-out process that works with your brand and workplace needs. Whether you need a more rustic design or minimalist one, more technology or better facilities, a project comes together with a dedicated, professional team to oversee it all, so you can rest easy knowing your workplace is being designed efficiently. 

Commercial office space planning

It all starts with understanding your business through and through: the values, brand identity, workplace dynamic, spatial needs, and the direction. At Diamond Interiors, we’re a commercial interior design company that thinks ahead to understand where your business could be going, factoring in all potential growth opportunities. Our office space planning team works out the most efficient process to meet your design goals. Not only do we think strategically, we have the technology to back up the proficient planning process, with 3D visualisation tools visually rendering the office plan, so you can see how it will look first. 

Why choose Diamond Interiors?

Our office design customer experience reviews speak for themselves. We are commercial interior designers that actually care about the customer experience, as well as delivering an outstanding project. We love getting to know different people and their brand stories to create reflective, accommodating workplaces that shine and cater perfectly. That’s why we’re Diamond Interiors. You can rest assured that your design project will be fully taken care of by a dedicated team of experts, who will always keep you in the loop; even offering office design post-project support to help with any additional needs. 

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