Urban Bubble, Manchester

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Background —

Urban Bubble is an award-winning residential property management agent, providing services to residential apartment schemes in the North West, Leeds and Sheffield. After signing the lease in September 2015 for a 5,900 sq ft office, in the heart of the Manchester Northern Quarter, Urban Bubble decided it was time for a brand new look. Managing Director Michael Howard said “We aim to make a statement with our new home and ensure its comfortable, inspiring and a happy place to be – whether you work there or just come to visit. We want to create one of the coolest offices in the Northern Quarter.” So we headed over there with our specialist Manchester office relocation services to give them a hand.

The Brief —

The main approach for Urban Bubble was to revamp their work space into a vibrant, refreshing environment.

OBI Property project managed the whole process and once Urban Bubble had purchased their new office it was our job to relocate them, bringing the existing furniture to the new office and supplying and fitting the new furniture – ensuring all space was utilised to it’s full potential.

Urban Bubble have doubled year-on-year with turnover for the fiscal year of 2013-2014 reaching £1.1m and currently they are employing 66 full time colleagues. The huge success rate means that we had to provide a solution that would future proof this expanding business and give them a place in which they could grow and develop.

The Result —

Managing Director Michael Howard said he wanted to create one of the coolest offices in the Northern Quarter, and that’s certainly what’s been achieved. The splash of bright colours contrasted with the crisp white walls and the unique furniture features gives this new office a mix of retro combined with futuristic style.

Information —

Location: Manchester
Sector: Private Sector
Project size: 5,900 Sq ft
Completion time: 6 weeks

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