Redrow Homes Limited, Chatham

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Background —

Diamond Interiors have enjoyed a long standing professional relationship with Redrow are one of the UK’s leading house builders. They asked the Diamond team to create a new divisional Head Office in Chatham, Kent designed to accommodate more than 70 staff.

The Brief —

The Diamond Interiors team have worked with Redrow for a number of years and we understand exactly what the client needs and the corporate branded feel required by the client. The new head office in Chatham will see 70 staff relocated and a key factor was to ensure sufficient storange was provided to accompdate the client requirements.

The Result —

The Diamond Interiors team used a mixture of Senator Freeway bench desking and Sven Christiansen veneer furniture for the Executive offices. 40 bays of storewall were installed to accommodate the clients storage requirements.

Information —

Location: Chatham
Sector: Private Sector
Project size: 9,000 Sq ft
Completion time: 4 weeks

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