Westbourne Civil Engineering, Worsley

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Background —

Westbourne Civil Engineering are an established company with over 24 years experience in groundwork and associated trades. Based in Worsley, Manchester, they have built up relationships with many business partners in the North West of England.

Westbourne was a new build, so when they approached Diamond Interiors for our office design service, we were able to start from scratch to redesign the whole concept of the office and ideal product solution, exactly how they wanted it to every last little detail.

The Brief —

Our approach from the job was to tailor everything specifically to how they wanted it from Day 1. With approximately 45 staff we needed to make sure we made this office an individual yet social environment with friendly break out areas and multiple seated bench desking complimented by separate meeting rooms and single executive desks.

The Result —

The result is an office space specifically tailored to meet their every need, exactly how they planned for it to be. They brought us in from the start to develop them along this journey and reliability is a Diamond interiors trademark, no matter the size and scale of the project.

Information —

Location: Worsley
Sector: Private Sector
Project size: 3120 sq ft
Completion time: 2 weeks

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