Office design ideas for different industries

Office design ideas for different industries

Featured image: Redrow PLC, Crawley

Office design ideas can be hard to come by, especially when you have a particular industry to cater to. For example, a traditional office will look entirely different to a co-working space. Luckily, we’re experts at dealing with offices of all shapes, sizes, and industries. If you need a little inspiration for the ideal office design to suit your company, continue reading to discover our ideas.


Healthcare interior design can be a difficult task to handle, since the needs of a healthcare office are very different from other offices. But gone are the days when patients needed to sit in a cold, clinical looking waiting room – with a healthcare refurbishment, you can provide both style and comfort within any healthcare office design. Typically, a healthcare office will need to prioritise seating, which means using comfortable furniture in the patient’s waiting area. It will also need to be kept incredibly clean, so opting for the best flooring and furniture for quick and easy disinfection is a must. 

Try to keep your healthcare office light and airy too. The last thing patients want is to be crammed in a dark, drab space. Read our tips for better and healthier office lighting to improve the wellbeing of staff and patients through a thoughtful healthcare office design. 


The legal sector deals with cases and clients of vastly differing circumstances, so the perfect legal office needs to take this into account. The right solicitors fit out will provide space for all clients to feel safe, comfortable and protected during meetings. This can be done by providing dedicated meeting spaces that are private but welcoming. Try to incorporate colour psychology in any office design wherever possible. For example, including blue colours can promote a sense of calmness and trust, letting clients know that their case is in good hands. It’s also important to focus on spaces for employees to interact and collaborate with each other. For these reasons, a legal office can benefit from different spaces within the office, such as meeting rooms for serious client discussions and an office relaxation room for hard working employees to take a well deserved rest. 

Public sector

Public sector design can oftentimes be overlooked due to smaller budgets, compared to private companies. However, all sectors and industries deserve an office that they can work in productively and proudly. Public sector refurbishment can transform your office into a hub for helping others and getting important, meaningful work done. A public sector office may be located within a small space, so there is also a need to be very precise in the way that the office functions and is laid out in order to maximise space. Using smaller furniture well, can enhance your space whilst making the most of your layout. Be sure to include lots of clever storage ideas and make the most of your natural light to make the space as airy and bright as possible. Consider using colours such as yellow and orange, since these promote energy and positivity within the workspace. 

Banking and finance

For an office that manages finances, a professional and elegant space will assure customers that their money is in safe hands. Think about it – high quality office furniture will help create a sense of professionalism, but no one would trust their money with a company whose tables are falling apart. Likewise, your space should seem polished and refined. So, a minimalist office design can work for you by avoiding clutter, which lets customers know that you prioritise organisation and professionalism. 

The colour green is a great addition here too, as it’s associated with wealth and prosperity. Plus, it adds a touch of nature, renewal and abundance – so be sure to including a couple of green features in your banking or finance office design. However, try to avoid using too many different colours, as this can appear distracting and mismatched. 


It always helps to take a creative approach to a marketing office design. The office needs to inspire and help generate new ideas, so your interior design should encourage this. Include plenty of space for collaboration and innovation, so that employees can come up with your next viral campaign in style. Marketing office design ideas will differ depending on company culture, but many offices opt for bright, fun spaces that inspire and energise. It can help to include motivational art in the office, as well as plenty of whiteboards to jot down ideas and keep track of progress. Our guide to creative office ideas for your next revamp is sure to spark some ideas, such as a games room or office library.


Companies that deal with technology, especially tech startups, often want a high tech and futuristic office design that puts competitors’ offices to shame. This includes lots of innovation and a sleek, pioneering twist on typical office furniture and decoration, such as an autonomous smart desk. These offices will be centred around a technology-driven office design, with an abundance of the newest office tech ready to be used by employees. Tech companies are also renowned for their many perks and forward-thinking attitude, so they may include lots of people-focused office features. For example, a canteen space for free food and drinks, a touchdown area for casual meetings, and a breakout area for some chill time. 

Agriculture and wildlife

For businesses that deal with agriculture and wildlife, a biophilic office design is the perfect way to incorporate the outdoors into your office. However, it’s common to find high tech areas in agricultural offices these day too. If you want to incorporate a biophilic office design, use lots of plants and greenery, as well as natural materials such as wood and stone. Include soft shapes and textures to keep your space feeling natural and authentic. Plus, we recommend opting for green hues to create a zen office space that embraces nature’s tranquillity. Want to maintain modernity in your agricultural or wildlife-based office? Incorporate the use of natural colours associated with the outdoors, with small details of nature to compliment the more modern spaces and tech in your office.

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