Creative office ideas for your next revamp

Creative office ideas for your next revamp

A complete revamp is the perfect way to inject some life back into your office, using it as the chance to unleash your creative side to design a space that’s unlike any other. When planned properly, an office revamp can enhance employee productivity, happiness and collaboration, so make sure you’re choosing the right pieces to showcase your brand. Looking for some inspiration? Diamond Interiors has got your back.

Office relaxation room

A survey reported that 80% of people sometimes feel stressed at work, so to avoid potential burnout, make sure to provide your employees with spaces to temporarily disconnect. Creating a zen office space can be achieved in so many different ways, from adjusting the colour scheme in certain areas to adapt to a more relaxing, minimalist theme, to providing a mixture of grounding activities for staff to engage in. Complete with comfortable office furniture – think beanbags and ergonomic chairs – along with complementary throws and pillows, your next office revamp is sure to welcome feelings of calm. 

Games room

Announce that you’re planning on incorporating an office games room into your next revamp, and you’ll be your staff’s favourite instantly. The thought of flying ping pong balls or the possibility of angry video gamers could be enough to put a business owner off, however – when planned well – your office games room is certain to transform the environment for the better. It will enable employees to connect with one another, unleashing their (healthy) competitive spirit, which will hopefully be translated into other aspects of working life, and the opportunity to be part of an exciting office culture is guaranteed to attract new talent. 

Office library

Who doesn’t love to get lost in a good book every now and then? If you’re looking for further ways to allow your employees to take a much needed break from their desk, designing an office library is the best way to go. When looking at some of the most luxurious offices in the world, companies such as Slack have found a creative way to incorporate a reading area into their workplace. They bring natural, earthy tones into their colour palette, allowing staff to feel as though they’ve been transported to a peaceful lakeside. If you’re keen to create a similar effect, incorporate an essence of biophilia into your office space through hanging plants and living walls to allow your staff to reconnect with nature. 

Creative collaborative spaces

Collaborative spaces are where the magic happens; a place where small ideas develop into ground-breaking plans. Meeting rooms and breakout spaces not only provide staff with a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of the office, but to mingle with other employees and brainstorm ideas for your business. 

We wanted to get creative with Ascentis’ office redesign, opting for an Alice in Wonderland theme with playful wall art and rabbit meeting room chairs for an out of the ordinary theme. It’s ideas like this that will set your brand aside from the rest, developing memorable spaces that are sure to stick in visitor’s minds.


When planning an office revamp, consider which attributes you would like your brand to be associated with. Colour psychology is everything when it comes to design, with certain tones and shades eliciting contrasting thoughts and feelings. Your customers and clients alike will associate your brand with these colours, so find ways to incorporate these into your office design through clever furniture choices and feature walls. Whether you decide to go for bold, high energy colours, such as orange and red, or you’re more into calming pastels, picture first whether these choices align with your brand’s image. 

If you’re planning an office revamp, our team of fit out experts are here to make your design dreams a reality. Get in touch with us today to transform your office’s vibe.