5 ways to create a zen office space

5 ways to create a zen office space

We’ve all experienced the stress that comes with working life, which is why many business owners are planning office redesigns that revolve around protecting their employee’s mental health. Whether it’s breathing life and an element of freshness into your space by unleashing an essence of biophilia, or providing grounding activities for staff that allow them to take a step back and refresh, there are plenty of ways to create a zen office space. 

Office plants

One thing’s for sure, we all love plants. They allow us to reconnect with nature, and combined with their ability to breathe life into any environment, they’re definitely an office must-have. Their benefits have been scientifically proven too, with research showing that they boost workplace satisfaction, heighten concentration levels and help with stress relief – if that’s not a sign to head to your local garden centre, we don’t know what is! 

As demonstrated expertly by Facebook’s office design, their Menlo Park campus is home to various plant species, offering the perfect space for calm, yet productive, working. Take a leaf out of their book and create a zen, botanical garden inspired workplace of your very own with desk succulents, plant walls and hanging plant pots to experiment with height. 

Breakout zones 

Sometimes, we do just need to take a few minutes out of the day to have some privacy, away from the bustle of the workplace. Office breakout zones are perfect for creating a zen office space, as they allow you to do just this. With soundproofing materials that prevent distraction, they’re ideal for lone working or team collaboration. When designing a calm office breakout area, be sure to kit them out with comfortable furniture that’ll allow employees to sit back, relax, and regain their concentration levels. 

Calming activities 

Make your office an enjoyable place for employees to come to, encouraging them to balance work and play with a few relaxing and grounding activities. Although it may at first seem unproductive to introduce possible distractions, allowing your employees to take regular, micro-breaks away from glaring screens comes with plenty of physical and mental health benefits. A comfy reading corner, pool table or even an office pet prevents the risk of burnout by resetting moods, reducing stress and improving overall performance. 

Minimalist office design

The minimalist office is a major design trend that has swept the nation, built on the premise that office owners should ditch the clutter and opt for something a little more simple. Your employees’ physical environment has a huge influence on cognition, with a messy workspace being a major cause of a spike in stress and anxiety, so now may be the time for a deep clean. A natural colour scheme, open-plan office design and the use of functional furniture all contribute to creating an all-round fresher aesthetic, eradicating the possibility of lost documents and preventing risk of distraction. 

Colour psychology

The power of colour psychology should never be overlooked, with various tones and shades being known to affect a person’s mood. No one wants to stare at a dull wall all day, so give your office a fresh lick of paint with a calming green or blue shade to bring an element of the outdoors inside. If you feel lost amongst a rainbow of colours and are unsure which one to opt for, experiment with bold throws, cushions, and various smaller ornamental items to get a feel for the vibe that suits your office best. 

If you’ve been inspired by these ideas on ways to create a zen office space, have a chat with our team of design professionals to start welcoming back feelings of calm. The possibilities are endless, and we can work with you to achieve your dream workplace aesthetic.