How minimalist office design can work for you

How minimalist office design can work for you

In a world where the revolutionary minimalist office is becoming increasingly popular, mastering the art of simplicity is not as difficult as you may think. It’s certainly true when they say that less really is more, and if you’re embarking on an office redesign and want to know how to ditch the clutter and opt for a cleaner, fresher aesthetic, our team of experts are here to help.

Natural colour schemes

The minimalist colour scheme is designed to evoke feelings of peace and tranquillity, bringing much-needed brightness into any office space. With findings proving that office workers value access to natural light as one of the most important attributes of the workplace environment, a fresh lick of neutral paint over darker colours could be exactly what your staff need to boost morale and productivity. So, if you’re thinking of changing your office colour scheme and want to tone down the vibrancy, have a think about switching out a bold, intense palette in favour of more accented, lighter colours.

No more distractions!

Extravision Ltd, Diamond Interiors 

If you’re moving towards minimalism, it may be time for a big office declutter. A messy workplace environment can actually have a huge impact on employee distraction and subsequently quality of work, reducing both concentration and productivity. Not only this, findings show that a cluttered workspace can actually shape visitors’ opinions of the brand owner; so to avoid those judging eyes, it’s time to get organised! Think filing systems rather than loose papers, and replace any random ornaments with desk organisers. Not only will an orderly workspace reduce stress and anxiety, you’ll notice your office space open up considerably. All you need to do is set aside the final 20 minutes at the end of your day, dedicating it to clearing the clutter. Just take a look at our office refurbishment project for Extravision Ltd for a model example of a clean, fresh working environment, with organised desk units to create a more modernistic feel. Get inspired!

Open-plan office design, Diamond Interiors 

Sticking with the theme of creating the illusion of increased office space, the open-plan office design is a brilliant way to achieve this. When you’re embarking on an office refurbishment, it’s key to ensure that your workers will be able to collaborate with each other effectively, moving between office stations as and when they need to, with ease. This minimalist office design achieves exactly this. If you’re worried about noise levels creeping up, the use of sound absorbing panels around collaborative working zones is a great solution to avoid any risk of distraction. were able to achieve this, enhancing their office space with office breakout areas and soundproof booths, perfect for those high-energy brainstorming sessions.

Functional office furniture 

Minimalism is centred around efficiency that is achieved through simplicity, which is a mentality that can also be applied when choosing your office furniture. Look out for ergonomic and innovative designs that can double-up as handy storage solutions, which will ultimately help you keep clutter to a minimum.

If you’re looking to freshen up your working space and have fallen in love with the minimalist office design, our office-fit out experts are always on hand to have a chat.