5 of the most luxurious offices in the world (and ideas you can steal)

5 of the most luxurious offices in the world (and ideas you can steal)

From Swiss chalet inspired meeting pods to peace-inducing office libraries, the creativity that can be applied to your office design process really is endless. We have scoured the internet to find some of the best workspaces out there, digging deep to find out exactly how you can get your very own office looking just as ‘world class.’ 

1) Slack, San Francisco – At one with nature

 Slack – inspired by nature 

There are so many studies out there that point towards the endless list of benefits that office plants carry, which has led to the use of biophilic design becoming increasingly popular. Slack really took the biophilia hypothesis onboard when designing their headquarters in San Francisco, which was heavily influenced by their CEO Steward Butterfield’s love for the outdoors. Each floor is slightly different to the next, based on nature’s irregularity; earthy tones and cacti were used to represent the Baja desert, whereas the library reflects a peaceful lake. Workers can also take a trip to the base camp themed lobby to plan any upcoming projects in private meeting zones, which are all shaped like tents! 

When thinking about your office redesign, bring the outside indoors with living walls or desk plants, allowing your employees to really be at one with nature. Slack’s HQ is all about finding your zen, emphasising the importance of mindfulness. Achieve this with comfy ‘chill out’ zones or private booths where you can come to take a break from the inevitable stresses that work brings.  

2) Splunk, Paddington – Urban office space


Splunk’s urban office space, influenced by Paddington Station

Looking to urbanise your working environment? Take inspiration from Splunk’s Paddington-based office, proving that being edgy doesn’t just exist outside of work. Their open-plan office features a sound-proof pullman carriage that’s used as a meeting room, a Doctor Who demo room and exposed brick walls decorated with artistic graffiti, all of which has been heavily influenced by their location (Paddington Station). 

If you’re looking to follow suit, opt for a rustic colour scheme to emulate an industrial look. You can get creative with your furniture choices too; look out for items that incorporate unfinished raw wood and exposed steel into their design, complete with warm-toned throws and cushions. For lighting, experiment with levels and create more space in an open-plan office with hanging light bulbs or lanterns to add ambience. 

 3) Google, Zurich – Balancing work and play 

Google employees getting competitive in their Zurich office’s games room

Boasting a free food policy, igloo-inspired meeting pods and massage room, Google’s Zurich office really does have it all. This forward-thinking workspace is also home to a spectacular games room. Unleash your competitive spirit with a game of table tennis, play pool, or have a go on the pinball machines. Google wanted to bring that element of fun and lightheartedness to their office, trusting that group activities spur innovative ideas and creativity. 

Incorporate a games room into your office design by establishing set ‘zones’ for different activities, so that you’re effectively able to balance work and play. Complete your games room with furniture designed for optimum comfort, allowing your employees to take productive breaks when needed.

4) Airbnb, San Francisco – What does your office say about you? 

                             Airbnb designs their meeting rooms based on their rental listings 

Your office layout can really shape the way that visitors perceive you. In many cases, this will be their first impression of your brand, so why not take a leaf out of Airbnb’s book and completely blow their socks off? Their HQ, based in San Francisco, has been designed to focus on the company’s core values, featuring a variety of adaptable workspace options that illustrate their firm belief in a shared economy. 

Once an old warehouse, Airbnb’s office is now home to a winding spiral staircase, a cosy wood-burning fireplace and minimalistic white walls to enhance natural light, with their biggest quirk being their meeting rooms; the design of each aims to represent their stunning rental locations. 

So, if you’re planning an office redesign, how can you ensure that you’re building your brand’s identity? For example, if you’re all about collaboration and team spirit, be sure to include plenty of shared desks for energetic group work. You could also reflect your aim to put your employee’s comfort first, creating a homely and tranquil atmosphere through calming colour schemes, with plenty of natural light.

5) Beats by Dre, LA – Colour with meaning 

   Beats Electronics opts for a bold primary colour scheme, complete with warm wooden furnishings 

What does your office colour scheme say about you? As well as reflecting your brand, the shade of your walls can affect staff productivity and their overall mood, with different palettes suiting certain sectors more than others.

Beats Electronics’ LA office is a perfect example of choosing your colour palette wisely, using a bold, primary colour scheme that fits their product well. Blue-coloured working areas are designed for peaceful, casual working and red is used for high energy brainstorming sessions. 

So, now that you’re armed with some creative office design ideas, how can you start making your dreams a reality? Our office design company is just a call away; whether you need advice on finding the perfect colour scheme that reflects your brand’s identity, or you’re looking to create a brand new work aesthetic, we’re here to help.