Art in the office: How to choose it and why you should

Art in the office: How to choose it and why you should

Are your office walls feeling a little lifeless? If so, it’s time to transform your workspace into your own personal art gallery. There’s a reason why a sense of inner peace is unleashed when gazing at a Picasso or Van Gogh, as art has been said to carry several mental health benefits. Not only this, it’s a great way to bring some individuality to your workspace, so if there’s ever a time to ditch the motivational quote wall art, it’s now. 

What are the health benefits? 

With industrialism taking over, subjecting your employees to a drab, cold working environment could actually be detrimental to their mental health, which will cause their levels of motivation and concentration to plummet. Walking aimlessly around maze-like office corridors that all look the same isn’t an enjoyable experience for anyone, and that’s because brains are programmed to thrive in more memorable, serotonin-inducing environments. 

Office artwork benefits cognitive function in so many ways, with findings showing that staff are not only more productive in an enhanced environment, but they also complete their work faster. Immersing yourself in a space that features eye-catching pieces of artwork is a major mood booster too, with further studies highlighting an increase in positive emotions, and subsequent decrease in stress and anxiety. 

Conversational pieces 

Figurative and representational art are guaranteed conversation starters, encouraging people to think outside the box. For these pieces, it’s all about forming your own interpretation, which is an effective way to increase social interactions and healthy debates in the office. Just be careful with how abstract the pieces you choose are though, as you don’t want to leave your employees feeling puzzled. 

Any clients or potential new starters that visit your office may also feel inclined to ask about the artwork, so it serves as a good icebreaker and relationship builder. 

Brand image

Using high-tech ‘glitch art’ to reflect a brand’s industry

When planning an office refurbishment, you can really get creative with your colour choices to show off your brand image. Many businesses will use their logo as reference for picking a colour scheme, so selecting art that uses a similar palette is a discrete way to make your workplace individual to your brand. 

Certain types of art will suit particular settings better than others, so you could select pieces in a way that’s indicative of the sector. For example, if you work in the high-tech industry, glitch art (creating aesthetic pieces through digital manipulation) may be better suited than seaside paintings. It’s all about setting the right tone for your office. 

Healthy distractions 

Eyestrain is a silent productivity killer, so keep motivation levels at an all time high by allowing your employees to take regular breaks when needed. The key is to provide more visual stimulation, so that tired eyes aren’t constantly glued to a screen; this is where artwork comes in. 

As mentioned previously, office workers can take a break from intense concentration to take a look, or engage in social interactions, about the pieces they see around them. This helps to restore mental energy, promoting creative-thinking whilst improving problem-solving skills in the process. 

Relaxing your mind 

Reducing workplace stress is vital for retaining staff, so put your employee’s mental health first by considering office décor in a way that induces feelings of calm. Nature landscapes have been linked to lower levels of anger and stress, so try and feature as many positive mood-inducing images as possible. Many people use art as an escape, and it’s sometimes exactly what you need when you’re stuck in the same old office routine, longing for contact with the outside world. 

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