6 ways to create a chilled office relaxation room

6 ways to create a chilled office relaxation room

It’s uplifting and positive to see more and more companies improving work-life balance and putting more effort into creating socialised spaces for their employees. One way companies are helping to improve staff wellbeing is by creating a chilled office relaxation room. Stuck on ideas? Here are our top picks to incorporate into your office interior design.

1. Create an office library

When creating a chilled office relaxation room, something that works so well is a simple bookshelf, sofa and cushions for staff to zone out and indulge in some reading. Putting together an office library is a great way to help staff relax as well as nourishing creative potential if you provide niche reading materials. 

2. Make a playroom

If you’re wanting to treat your staff every once in a while and want to make a games room to encourage social bonding, a playroom is a perfect idea. Many employers are thinking of ways to offer unique company perks and we’re seeing a rise in office ping-pong tables, desk games and even office game consoles. Stand out and attract with a dedicated playroom to help staff relax and have some downtime away from the grind. Games and puzzles are not just a great way to keep staff morale up, but they are also great for the brain in helping with problem-solving. 


3. The hygge room

Hygge comes from Danish culture, which is a design focused on creating a comfortable and cosy mood – evoking feelings of wellness and contentment. Hygge rooms tend to include lots of fabrics, cushions and rugs to create cosy atmospheres. The colours are often neutral or earthy and hygge rooms tend to come with log burners. You may struggle to install a fireplace or log burner in the office but a smart alternative could be to have a TV screen set to a cosy, crackling fire.


4. Make it audio-visual

Let employees have some downtime and zone out with an audio-visual room. You could have projectors providing calming patterns and soothing lights to create a relaxing ambience. You could have hypnotic, relaxing music or meditative recordings playing on loop. 


5. Provide a nap room

Many companies are providing sleeping pods or beds in the workplace for staff to take power naps and to recharge their batteries. Why not create a simple, cosy nap room with some comfy sofas and beanbags to let employees have some shut-eye. 


6. A new green room

Why not create a chill-out space that doubles as a green, biophilic room and place beautiful plants and water features. This can work perfectly for any rooms that extend to balconies or patios. Many people benefit from ecotherapy and it can be a great way to let staff take in turns to nurture the office plants. Make sure there is plenty of light, of course.

Keeping your employees as chilled as possible will help with the likes of happiness as well as productivity. As office design has such a huge part to play in this, we make sure to represent that in our services. Looking to upgrade your workspace? Contact us today and let us de-stress your staff.