The benefits of a hot desking office design

The benefits of a hot desking office design

Featured Image: Extravision Ltd, Salford Quays

No office is designed the same, as you can see from our vast array of different projects. There are so many different working techniques that can benefit from different layouts and design features. Hot desking is not only a feature of office design, but it also hugely impacts the way you work. Keep reading to learn more about the hot desk design concept and how it could benefit your office.

What is hot desking?

Hot desking is a flexible working arrangement which lets employees choose where to sit, rather than having a strict office seating plan. This means employees do not have a dedicated workstation, so they can make use of all areas of the office space. Hot desks are usually available on a first-come, first-served basis. So, if a group of employees need to sit together for a couple of days, they can take advantage of this system by meeting round one desk. Employees who do not need to collaborate that day can then make use of the other unoccupied spaces.

Utilising hot desking doesn’t have to impact your office design – all you have to do is implement the new rule for employees. Let them know that this rule gives them the freedom to sit wherever they choose, depending on their tasks for the day ahead. If you’re not convinced about whether hot desking could be a good fit for your office, read some of the benefits of hot desking below:

What are the benefits of hot desking?

Save space

Because employees don’t have designated seats, this means that you can cut down on the number of desks in the office. If staff aren’t in the office five days a week, having freely available desks means there will be less empty desks. This will save masses of space in your office, and means you can upgrade your office design with extra office storage for maximum organisation. Not to mention, it creates more opportunity to get creative with additional space. For example, creating a touchdown area in place of unnecessary desks makes a much more effective use of space. If you are looking to maximise space in your office, why not combine hot desking with some of the other tips in our blog post?

Reduced cost

As well as saving space, hot desking is budget friendly. If you’re considering an office refurbishment or relocation, hot desking means you won’t have to buy as many new desks. As long as you have enough space for everyone on the days they’re in, it’s not essential to make sure each person has their own desk. Having less desks also means that you can spend a little more on great quality office furniture, which is essential for creating an ergonomic office design. Plus, with less desks to make space for, you could relocate to a smaller office space that can still comfortably accommodate all of your employees and office furniture. This means reduced rent, which is especially helpful if your business opts for hybrid working and doesn’t need a large office space all the time.

More collaboration

Having a flexible seating arrangement means that employees will interact more with coworkers they may not have before. This makes collaboration much easier, and it contributes to a healthy, sociable office culture. Hot desking encourages employees to move around the office, pushing the boundaries of existing collaboration to include different teams possibly working together. Employees could have the chance to sit next to someone new every day, increasing the likelihood of knowledge sharing and positive office relationships. To learn more, read our blog post about how to design a collaborative office space.

Flexible working

Most employees love the idea of working flexibly, and hot desking provides much more freedom and flexibility to employees’ work lives. Hot desking works perfectly alongside a hybrid working approach, giving employees more control over how they do their work. It’s also ideal for when multiple projects are ongoing, so employees can regroup and move around the office at ease.

A cleaner and tidier office

Who doesn’t love a clean, tidy office? Because hot desking means employees use a shared workspace, this means they’re less likely to leave litter and clutter lying around. Hot desking can help you to improve and maintain office hygiene, reducing the risk of bugs spreading. Plus, a clean office means that you can fully enjoy the stunning office design you’ve invested in.

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