How to design a collaborative office space

How to design a collaborative office space

Creating a collaborative office space can positively impact your staff in many ways. For example, selecting the right colour scheme and furniture can boost teamwork and productivity. Or a friendly and inviting touchdown area, where staff can bounce ideas around freely, is ideal for maximising creativity. 

So, why not design an office space that not only looks amazing, but heightens collaboration as well? It’s a win-win situation.

Pick the right colours

When  designing an office collaboration space, picking the right colours is essential. Thinking about colour psychology when painting walls or choosing furniture is the best way to ensure your staff get the most out of a collaborative space. With yellow tones promoting creativity, positivity and, in general, great ideas, this is definitely a colour to consider. Or perhaps a calming green or an energy-boosting orange might tickle your fancy. Choose wisely.

Cosy and comfortable furniture

There’s a reason why inspiration hits you when you’re relaxing at home on the sofa, and that’s because furniture can induce relaxation. A few cosy sofas or armchairs can bring comfortability into the workplace, making it feel like home. With relaxation comes a boost in productivity, creativity, and all the things that make your business tick. Larger desks for multiple people will encourage teamwork and social activity, bringing your staff closer together. Whether you add snug desk chairs to your meeting room, or a plush sofa in the break room, your office space will be well on its way to increasing collaboration.

Our work on RWE Renewables’ office space helped to promote home comforts through various collaborative spaces such as sofa booths. Why not check out some of our other projects for inspiration? 

Adding touchdown areas

Touchdown areas can be a wonderful addition to a collaborative office space. In these areas, staff can relax or communicate with others in private, all whilst taking a well-deserved work break. Create a little corner of zen in your workspace with touchdown areas, and notice the difference in your staff’s creativity and happiness. Having regular short breaks or time to chat with colleagues is known to improve productivity and reduce stress levels. That is why encouraging staff to take time out in a touchdown space can be so helpful for encouraging collaboration. 

Bring in some greenery

Everyone loves a few plants in the office; they look good, the air feels cleaner, but what makes them so good for a collaborative design? Biophilic design brings a sense of calm to the workplace, creating the perfect relaxed environment. Positive energy and mental health go hand in hand, and when creating the ideal collaborative office space, plants are a must.

The perks of great lighting 

No one wants to work in a dark office, but if you don’t have access to natural light, this can be tricky. Luckily, daylight bulbs can solve all of your problems. Put them in lamps, regular light fixtures or anywhere you like, just as long as your staff can reap the benefits. Great lighting improves morale and alertness, which is perfect for a collaborative office environment. Lack of light can really take its toll on a person’s mental and physical health, and this can lead to lack of participation. So, if you’re wanting a perfect office collaboration space, enhance your lighting if needed. 

The benefits of a collaborative workspace

Teamwork is essential for success, and if your workspace promotes connectivity, that’s even better. But what else is so great about a collaborative office space?

Encourages proper use of space

Utilising your office space is a key benefit of creating a collaborative design. A well-thought out office design should maximise all space possible; this means picking the right sized furniture and desks for the area available. 

Increases productivity and well-being 

A collaborative office will ensure that productivity levels are even higher than before. Staff members can take time out to talk to each other or to discuss ideas in touchdown areas. Adding plants will raise morale, positivity and well-being, all of which influences how productive your employees can be. 

Things to consider

We know you want to make your space as collaborative as possible, but when designing a new office there are a few things to think about:

  • What is your budget? How much can you spend on the design itself?
  • What are your aims? What do you hope to achieve from your collaborative workspace? 
  • How much office space do you have? What are the realistic dimensions?
  • Do some research. Get some inspiration. 


Wanting to design a collaborative office space of your own, but don’t know where to start? Why not get in touch with our team and see how office collaboration spaces can work for you.