Office storage space for maximum organisation

Office storage space for maximum organisation

The benefits of an organised office space

A cluttered workspace can lead to an unorganised brain, with studies revealing that having more items in view (e.g. a messy desk) gives the brain a harder time deciding on what to focus on. With this in mind, the work task at hand is likely to take much longer than needed. A considerable amount of time is also wasted on finding what we need to do our jobs, with stats revealing that the average office worker wastes up to one week a year searching for misplaced objects. This can cause productivity and motivation to dwindle, which is guaranteed to negatively impact business operations. Avoid this with an office design that holds organisation at its core, including plenty of handy storage spaces that aim to cancel the clutter.  

Adaptable storage solutions

Your workplace’s design will change over time, particularly when you expand, so choosing adaptable office storage solutions is the best way to go. You’ll want to be able to move furniture around if necessary to make the most of the space, so avoid wasting time on items that aren’t adaptable. Modular storage units are brilliant for this, allowing you to craft a design that comfortably fits into your office. With complete customisability at your fingertips, you’ll be able to get around any awkward spaces and separate units accordingly by building your own storage space.

Desk storage

A cluttered desk is a no-no, especially with this being the main workstation for many. Create a space that supports a clear mind with under-the-desk storage to store away any bits and bobs, such as stationary, notebooks or bulky cables; take our full interior fit out for Extravision Ltd as a prime example. Not only will potential tripping hazards be taken care of, staff will be able to get their work done without any distractions in a fresh environment, having only to reach underneath to get anything they need. 

Personal storage space 

When planning your office storage space for maximum organisation, an important factor to consider will be your staff’s personal items; from bulky rucksacks that take up a hefty amount of floor space, to gadgets that’ll need to be locked away securely. This is something we had to bear in mind when planning Ascentis’ office design, providing a storage solution that fitted seamlessly into their fun and playful theme. Each member of staff is provided with their own space to hide away their valuables, preventing clutter from building up on and around desks. 

Hiding bulky items

Bulkier office items, such as printers, important files and monitors also contribute to a cluttered workspace. It’s items like these that, when left out on desks, significantly reduce the amount of usable space available. For these, you’ll need an efficient storage solution that not only has plenty of room, but slots into your office design without taking up too much of the floor. There are many ways you could do this, such as through filing trunks, aesthetically-pleasing wicker chests or in a drawer that’s specifically for office supplies. When everything has its own designated space, it’ll be much easier to find critical items quickly and efficiently. 

Wall storage


Nandos’ Regional HQ wanted an office design that was as relaxing as it was practical, so we provided them with a space that allowed for maximum organisation, whilst blending in with their dream aesthetic. Wall storage solutions had a massive role to play in this, allowing staff to neatly store away any condiments or other food and drink-related items next to their snacking station. This would be the place where staff come to take a well-deserved break, so we knew it was important to provide them with a comfortable, yet stylish, set-up. 

If you’re looking to maximise organisation in your workplace, our team of office design experts are here to help create the perfect environment. For storage solutions that don’t compromise on style, give us a call today!