The benefits to working with office fit out companies

The benefits to working with office fit out companies

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Installing a new office is a large investment, which is why you should think carefully about how you wish to approach this task. Although it may seem tempting to cut costs with a DIY attitude, or to hire multiple tradespeople, this can be a stressful and time consuming process. Plus, there’s no guarantee that the finished product will be the office you imagined. When working with an office design and fit out contractor, you are guaranteed to end up with an office that’s furnished and decorated to the highest standards, with minimal stress for yourself. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of working with an office fit out company for planning, design, and installation

The Diamond Interiors approach

Stage 1

The first stage of our unique approach is very much about understanding your office design aspirations, the end goal you want to achieve, and the scope of your project. After that it’s time to take a look at the site of your office, whether you’re already located there, or heading to a brand new space. 

A consultation will follow, which involves a more in-depth discussion with key stakeholders to ensure you get the maximum value possible from the whole design process. If your project is somewhat of a sizable one, you can bring along employees or colleagues for a user ground survey or workshop. This helps everyone engage with the changes being implemented, leading to more enthusiasm and excitement. 

Stage 2

Step two is where we get to work on the designs. We take everything we’ve learned from stage one, and create a 2D design that incorporates everything. If the project is highly design-led, we’ll create a 3D design for you to look at, allowing both decision-makers and employees to experience and engage with the new space. 

Once the designs have been approved and signed-off in principle, it then comes down to costs. Initial design work will usually incur specific design fees, but we include these figures within our overhead – another perk of working with Diamond Interiors.

Procurement comes next. We tender all furniture packages directly with our trusted black book of furniture manufacturers, which ensures that we get the best value. What other benefits does this bring?

  • We work open book, which means you get direct sight of manufacturing costs
  • All products we source come with a minimum 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • We achieve like-for-like quotations with regards to specification, quality and functionality

Once we’ve done all that, we can show you the additional savings you’d receive, and make recommendations on the best selection of items to ensure best price and quality. If, at this stage, you require further showroom visits (whether that’s in-person or virtual) we can arrange this with the manufacturers.

Finally, we will arrange a meeting to present the design and costs specifications, to ensure everything correlates with your expectations.

Stage 3

Now it’s time to put the design and plans into action. If you require us to make any changes to your design, now’s the time to do it, as we dive into your project in more detail. And don’t worry, we can revisit this stage as many times as it takes to get your design perfect. 

At each iteration along the way, your developed design and its associated cost specifications will be clearly communicated and presented. 

Once everything is agreed, both the design and costs are fixed, and the project is given its final sign-off.

Stage 4 

It’s this stage where the contracts and relevant documents are prepared for signing. We’re always completely transparent regarding our fees: Diamond Interiors overhead recovery is 15% of furniture package value, and profit is 5% of furniture package value.

Your signed off designs will be brought to life in a full drawing pack, which allows for it to be built and/or installed on your chosen site. Then it’s time to procure the materials, which – along with finishes – are finalised and agreed with you. 

Stage 5 

This stage is known as the project lead in. We coordinate with each manufacturer to ensure that all items are delivered and installed exactly as the drawings specify. As many projects may require working with multiple manufacturers, we can organise streamlined deliveries to our showroom or your site, to ensure the best possible installation experience. 

No matter who else is involved with the project – whether it’s additional trades or services such as I.T., we can coordinate with everyone to make for a smooth transition.

We’ll also deliver and install all loose furniture items as per the agreed drawings, and arrange for removal of packaging

Stage 6 

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. During a full handover we’ll walk around the site with you in person to ensure everything is as it should be. Then you can move in!

Stage 7

Last but certainly not least, we’ll hold full training sessions and product demonstrations where necessary. The Diamond After Sales Service gives you a single point of contact for all your questions, queries, problems, top-up orders or issues with warranties and repairs. An O&M (Operations and Maintenance) manual will be created and handed over to you, detailing warranties, cleaning instructions and manufacturer details.

Once a Diamond customer, always a Diamond customer – we’ll always assist with future queries and are happy to help in any way we can. 

An enjoyable, stress-free experience

Who would think that a full office refurbishment could be enjoyable? When you collaborate with the right company, it certainly can be. Working with a reliable office fit out company means that once you’ve signed off on the design and project, all of the hard work and responsibility is now in the hands of your team. This is a rare quality when undertaking any form of interior design project, so be sure to enjoy the stress-free experience that comes with your project support. Plus, with a professional team taking care of the installation process, yourself and your employees can remain productive and focused during busy work days.

Advanced technology

An office fit out company can offer advanced, state of the art technology solutions when designing your new office. One such innovation is 3D visualisation, which lets you fully immerse yourself in the creation of your office design. 3D visualisation means you can virtually tour your office plans, with a detailed 3D layout of your office. This makes it much easier to understand what the finished product will look like, and improves communication with the design team as you can point out any changes you’d like to make. 

A dedicated team

What an office fit out company can offer is a dedicated, cohesive team who have years of experience working together on similar projects. This means less chance of miscommunication, poor project management, or mistakes during the process of design and installation. Plus, you will have qualified interior designers and furniture fitters who are all focussing on creating an office interior to the highest standards.

High quality furniture and products

It can be difficult – and expensive – to find cohesive office furniture that complements your vision of a dream office interior. With an office fit out company, you can pay lower prices for high quality furniture from trusted manufacturers who they’ve likely collaborated with for years. Plus, a team of creative designers can pick out stylish furniture to match whatever aesthetic you are looking for. This is helpful if you’re not sure how to execute your vision, or simply do not want to spend time searching for the perfect furniture.

Additionally, a trusted office fit out company will include warranties to guarantee durable furniture that will be easily repaired or replaced in the case that something does go wrong. With a clear line of contact to your office fit out team, it’s much easier to claim on these warranties if you ever need to, rather than chase down multiple different suppliers. 

Creative vision

Our team of interior designers are passionate about what they do, and are constantly coming up with fresh, new, and exciting ideas for clients. If you’re looking for a unique office that employees will love to work in, then some extra creative input can make all the difference. What’s more, a specialist team of designers can work entirely around your vision, suggesting colours, shapes, and textures that will highlight your office ethos. Take a look at some of our existing projects to see how our designers have interpreted and delivered on clients’ visions.

Project planning and management

A refurbishment or fit out project can comprise of many different tasks or timelines all happening simultaneously, so proper project management is essential. This can be a lot of stress for one person to handle, especially for someone inexperienced in office design with lots of other things on their plate. So, having a project manager who can present a clear timeline and plan of action will make the whole process much easier and more streamlined. 

Post-project support

Post-project support can be overlooked by many, yet it’s an essential part of the process. Support shouldn’t simply stop when the office has been installed – sometimes, there are queries or issues that come up later on. If you find yourself wanting to slightly change your office space, or find the need for an extra couple of matching chairs, it’s easy to get in touch with a member of the team. Offices and their needs are often changing, so it helps to have a reliable office fit out contractor on call, who you already have a relationship with. Once your office is installed, post-project support ensures you aren’t left in the dark and receive all the help you need to adapt to a new workstyle.

If you think that working together with an office fit out company would benefit you, take a look at our post about how to choose an office fit out contractor. For more information about the services we provide, contact a member of our team.