How to Feng Shui your office like a boss

How to Feng Shui your office like a boss

Office Feng Shui doesn’t have to be difficult or overly complicated. In fact, all it takes is a little clever thinking and tweaking of your layout to ensure positive vibes are in abundance in your workspace. Here’s our top tips for perfecting the Feng Shui in your office design one simple step at a time.

Start with strong backing

Feng Shui backing is the perfect place to start when bringing more positive energy into your office. If you sit with your back to the door, window, bookcase – as so many of us do in rooms all throughout the house – or even the overall traffic in and out, then your energy is at risk of being weak and insecure.

Adding some big green plants behind your seating area can help, as can repositioning your desk and chair so that you sit with your back against the wall. According to Feng Shui experts, this will mean the flow of energy in and out of the room is no longer obstructed.

Deal with negative energy source

In Feng Shui, the name for negative energy is Sha Chi, also referred to as poison arrows. If it’s your goal to create somewhere you can stay focused, you’ll need to deal with any of these negative elements, which could act as a drain on your energy. 

It’s essential that you don’t have sharp angles pointing at you, so all it may take is a quick re-adjusting of your furniture. If you simply can’t avoid sharp angles, use other pieces of office furniture and decorations to block the point and neutralise the bad energy.

Choose colours wisely

Colours are an incredibly important part of Feng Shui, especially for a room like an office where you need maximum concentration and productivity. But the colours you may use for one industry may not be suitable for another. 

White and soft pastels are ideal for creativity, black is associated with wealth but may not be the best for a small office space. Green is good for development and purple has ties to clarity.

Clear the clutter

You may not need us to tell you this, having clutter around is incredibly bad for Feng Shui. So start by clearing your working space of any non-essential items, that includes ones that are hidden away in your drawers. Be a little brutal; don’t keep something just because you think you might use it. 

Oh, and don’t forget clutter in your schedule and digital life! That means going through your calendar and emails. Start your morning by looking at what the day has in store, and clear or cancel anything that isn’t important. Your goal should be to have your day running as smoothly as possible. 

Turn on the lights

Healthy lighting is important in any office environment, but it becomes even more so when you start factoring in Feng Shui. Working in a dark and dim room can be draining, so it’s important that you bring as much light into the room as possible. However it’s expected that you will need to bring it a bit of supplementary lighting, too. Try to use lamps wherever possible and opt for warm yellow light bulbs rather than harsh white ones.

Use plants

You’ve probably heard the phrase “bring the outside in”, and this is what it applies to. Biophilic design a.k.a plants is the perfect way to bring fresh energy from nature inside the home, where energy can have the tendency to be dull and flat. Plants will not only look great but they will also purify your air as they sit on your shelf.


Once you’ve done an initial clear of your office and really perfected those Feng Shui vibes, it’s important that you put in regular work to keep that positivity flowing. Tidy your office or desk space as you go, and do a weekly clean and scan to make sure no poison arrows or negativity has come creeping in. Want to know more about how we can help to Feng Shui your office? Speak to our experts today.