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Providing Acoustics Panels and Artwork for a healthier office environment

Office acoustics refers to how sound flows within a workspace in terms of background noise from technology such as phone calls, meetings, collaboration spaces and even typing. High levels of noise in an office environment can hamper employee productivity and wellbeing - and that’s why Diamond Interiors are the go-to in office acoustics design to ensure a safe, healthy environment that employees can thrive in. Whether you’re having an office fit out, need to take office acoustics into consideration when calculating an office fit out, or simply want to improve on your existing office design - contact us to see how our office acoustics solutions can help you.

Bespoke Office Acoustics

We believe office acoustics shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. After all, every office is different! 

We’ll analyse your workspace and design accordingly for the most productive office acoustics layout that’ll help absorb disruptive noise. With a combination of screens, decorative panels, and even functional artwork, all of these components can consciously absorb echoing to keep it in check and reduce excess noise in the office.

Our Office Acoustics design process

At Diamond Interiors, we understand the vital role that acoustics play in office planning to create a harmonious and productive office environment. To tackle the challenge of office acoustics, we take a creative yet practical approach by analysing what will have the most impact on your space be it, acoustic-backed carpets or acoustic ceiling tiles to soak up sound or more decorative such as integrating bespoke acoustic panels or with elegant and functional artwork. Not only do these panels effectively absorb excess noise, but when adorned with art, they serve a dual purpose by enhancing both the sonic and aesthetic quality of your office space. We carefully select acoustic office screens and panels based on your office’s unique sound profile and design requirements, ensuring they complement your office design too. Plus, we’ll work closely with you to ensure budgets, aesthetics and expectations on noise level reduction are aligned.

Want to know more? Read about the Diamond approach.

Office Acoustic design for any office layout

Whether you have a collaborative, open plan or private office, we can help build a range of bespoke office acoustic solutions. While we highly encourage collaborative spaces, we also recognise the potential disruption it can cause in the wider workplace. Our solutions will help minimise the reverberation noise without compromising your office design. We can also assist with sound-reducing products such as soft furnishings, flooring and ceiling materials within meeting rooms to soak up sounds to ensure comfort and confidentiality alongside,  implementing solutions for audio/visual in conference rooms.

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