What does your office snack say about you?

What does your office snack say about you?

When working in an office, your choice of snack can be a controversial topic. The confectionary you pick can say a lot about you and your personality, or at least from the outside.

With that in mind, we’ve broken down the most popular snacks and what your choice says about you. Whether it’s powering through that mid-afternoon slump, or fuelling you through the last minute deadline rush, we all have our go-to favourite. As office-design and workplace experts, we’re absolutely the authority on this.


You little rebel, you. You have absolutely zero regard for the concentration of your colleagues or cleanliness of your keyboard. As long as you get your crunchy fill you’re happy to disturb the peace of the office and worry about the grease-covered laptop later.


You live life on the edge. A sugar rush is the highlight of your day. You’re probably the type of person who sets off driving as you’re putting your seatbelt on for that little rush of adrenaline.


Definitely a child at heart. Either that or you’re an absolute sugar addict always looking for your next fix throughout the day. Regardless, you’re always full of energy after the E-numbers kick in.

Fruit & veg

Chances are you smile a lot and have too much energy from an excessive consumption of antioxidants and vitamins. Your colleagues are split between wanting you to shut up about it and wishing they could be you.

Protein bar or shake

Health and wealth is your life motto. You’re constantly waiting for that time of day you can get away from work and go back to banging weights in your natural habitat. #gains


You must have a real resentment or lack of respect for yourself and the cleaners. Crumbs on your clothes, the floor, in between the keys of your keyboard… No rules, you’re a menace to the office and need to be stopped.

Nuts & seeds

You prioritise looking healthy over being healthy and look down on everyone as you break out the trail mix to snack on. Or you grew up in a flock of birds. Yoga or a book and a green tea is probably the highlight of your wild weekends.

Meaty snacks

You either don’t have a sense of smell or you hate your colleagues. Stinking out a shared space like that with a pack of BBQ chicken snacks is the epitome of evil. Chances are the vegans in the office all have a private Slack group about you and your stench.


One of the most organised people in the office hands down. You had enough time this morning to pack a yoghurt AND a spoon. Commitment. The underappreciated workhorse of the office.

But hey, who are we to judge?