The future of your furniture

The future of your furniture

The future of your furniture depends on what you do today!

In today’s economic climate, many companies are opting to up-cycle their existing furniture. We have obtained many contracts resulting in the resizing of desks for a variety of companies. It has become apparent that it makes sense to re-size and upcycle office furniture at a fraction of the cost to buying new. This is achieved by (cutting it down) reducing the foot print, re-edging and providing a fresh look at a fraction of the cost of a new product. All of our up cycled products come with a whole of life recycle guarantee.

Over the last 20 years, desks have been manufactured wider at one end (800mm at one end and 1200mm at the other) to accommodate a large monitor for a computer which was the size of a microwave (300mm deep), monitors now are as thick as an IPad (30mm deep). Spaces in offices are now so expensive and with the increasing environmental sustainability awareness being an important factor in people’s lives, our re-working service can reduce your overall footprint.

One of our customers was planning to recruit 12 new co-workers in London and they were looking to relocate to a larger office to accommodate the additional staff. Once they had spoken to us, they realised by actually undergoing an office refurbishment, it would save them 26% of their existing space, allowing them to accommodate their new staff without the need relocate.

Similarly we have also seen a demand for re-upholstery of existing seating, recovering customers own chairs, re foaming where necessary and completing a 10 point check on the chair before returning it back to re-use.

So up cycling your desks and a chair provides a massive saving. Now that’s sustainable and a sensible option!

  • Increase the Life span of your furniture
  • Save rental costs by utilising your current space
  • Better Value Investment Ethically it is perceived better to spend public/companies – rather than “splashing out” on new when cuts are being made elsewhere
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Prevent your contribution to landfill
  • Green Credentials – Instead of re-manufacturing, we are simply Re-working or Up cycling the current items. If you are concerned about being green with your business, that’s great, but it’s even better to up cycle. E.g. when recycle; this involves an industrial process of being stripped, shredded, crushed, burned, melted and re-shaped to produce a slightly lower quality than the original. However, if you up cycle you will have a better-than-original item that didn’t require extensive processing… and its much more creative!
  • Budget Friendly – Makes your budget stretch, freshen up your office image (take the opportunity to colour change, new desk tops with the same frame/new upholstery in seating or screens)