The best office colours for productivity

The best office colours for productivity

Choosing the colour of your walls at home is easy. While you may agonise over different shades before choosing the perfect one, you’ll have a good idea of which colours you love and which you hate. But when it comes to the office, choosing the best colours suddenly becomes a little trickier. Make the right choice and you have a pleasant and productive environment. Make the wrong choice and you may find the mood drops. And remember, what works for one office may not work for another.

It’s quite the tightrope walk, but as the experts in office refurbishments and fit-outs, we know a thing or two about choosing the best office colours. Regardless of your industry, the primary goal of your office interior design should be to foster productivity and motivation, all while keeping people happy. This blog post explores the main colours to choose from, which parts of our psyche they are thought to enhance, and the industries they suit best.


We’ll start with blue as it’s not only considered to be an intellectual colour, but also one that can help foster creativity. Blue is thought to represent efficiency, communication and trust, which makes it the perfect choice for meeting and brainstorm rooms or places that require a great deal of focus.

Represents: The mind

Good for: Accounting


For obvious reasons, green is associated with nature. It represents balance, harmony and restoration. Just like blue, hues of green are perfect for creative office spaces where the ideas need to flow. It’s also incredibly easy on the eyes, so if your staff need to focus for long periods of time or work long hours in the same place, it’s a strong choice. Take a look around you the next time you’re at the doctors or dentist, and you might just spot green walls.

Represents: Balance

Good for: Finance, medical


Yet another perfect choice for creative industries, and it isn’t hard to see why. Yellow is a bright and vibrant shade that instantly lifts people’s spirits. It represents confidence, friendliness and pure optimism, so if you’re looking to bring a touch of positivity to your workplace, this should be your top choice. Don’t use too much of it though, as four walls of bright yellow will make people feel as though they are trapped in the middle of the sun. 

Represents: Emotions

Good for: Marketing, advertising


Orange is the perfect midway between two strong colours; yellow which is all about emotions, and red which is all about the physical. The harmony made with the two create a strong sense of warmth that you can’t help but find comforting. A splash of orange goes well in kitchens as it is often associated with food. 

Represents: Warmth

Good for: Kitchens, casual lounges


Red is perhaps the most physical of all the colours, and has very strong connections to the body. It is thought to represent strength, bravery and excitement. If you work in an industry that requires physical exertion, whether it’s from your employees or clients, it’s a fantastic colour to inspire some motivation.

Represents: Body

Good for: Construction, personal training and gyms


Spirituality and luxury are two words that are synonymous with the colour purple. It makes people feel relaxed and as though they are being pampered, making it the perfect colour choice for spas or anywhere in the beauty industry. 

Represents: Luxury

Good for: Hair and beauty salons


Neutral shades should always be approached with caution. While they are fantastic for creating a clean and minimalist look, using them too much or opting for a shade that is too harsh can come across as boring and uninspiring. And we’re sure that’s the last thing you want. White is best to be used as a complementary colour to a brighter shade like those we’ve mentioned above, or if you want to use white as your main colour, opt for something off-white. Whatever you do, try and keep your neutral shades to a minimum to avoid looking like a hospital waiting room.

Represents: Purity

Good for: Open spaces and break-out areas


If you’re looking to exude an authoritative statement in your office, then black will definitely show people you’re in control. Only don’t rely on it too heavily as black does absorb natural light and can end up looking rather sinister instead of mysterious. Rather than using it as your main colour, pair it with another bright hue for a sense of balance. 

Represents: Authority

Good for: A complementary accent shade

A great colour scheme is an essential part of any office design. That’s why we prioritise it for each and every customer. So, why not see what we have to offer, and get in touch today?