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Relocating your office is a huge transition, both for your business and for the employees working there. With this transition can bring a lot of stress and concern about the responsibility and logistics of moving. But with Diamond Interiors, whether it’s just around the corner or the other side of the country, our expert office relocation service can help you make a smooth journey towards your business’ next big step.

What does our office relocation service cover?

Office relocation service and office refurbishment service go hand in hand. You may need an office refresh to go with your move or a complete office redesign. Many businesses we have worked with came to us when they were rebranding and in need of a bigger space. Others needed to relocate due to a downsize or because the city or the outskirts worked better for their work.

So why did they come to Diamond Interiors? Because they wanted to get it right from the start and needed the experts. We’ve done this time and time again, and have developed valuable, insightful knowledge up and down the country. We work with our customers to understand exactly what each industry and workspace requires. Using an office relocation company like us will ensure an efficient, smooth, and stress-free relocation process, which involves:


Appraisal on suitable locations – Once you have compiled a list of suitable properties, we can help to assess the functionality of each. We can then assist in deciding which would best meet the needs of you and your staff, considering layout and budget as well

✓ Space planning – Understanding your company’s direction, we factor in any plans for future growth and technology requirements – to make sure that your new chosen location accommodates your workspace perfectly

✓ Budget cost planning – We work with you right from the start to build a suitable budget for the fit out – whether you’re recycling office furniture and equipment you already have or need a complete overhaul

✓ Surveys – These are carried out to ensure that your newly chosen office is safe with all the mechanical, electrical and environmental checks in place

Why your office will benefit from relocating

Companies relocate for many different reasons. Whether it’s a downsize, an expansion, or simply a change of scenery, an office relocation can be just the shake-up that your company needs. Not only that, but you may find that there’s a new specialised hub for your industry in another region.

Pairing office design with relocation services

Office relocation services and office refurbishment service go hand in hand. You may consider that your office needs a refresh to go with your move or perhaps even a complete office redesign. Whilst some people use this service to breathe some fresh air into their office without relocating, a new design or refurbishment is a great addition to your fresh start in a new location.

Office removal and storage

With all the assets you’ve collected over the years for your current workspace, the transportation to your new location needs to be as efficient as possible to ensure there’s no damage. As part of helping make your relocation a stress-free process, our relocation services also include some office removal.

However, at Diamond Interiors, we also understand things change. ; y You may have plans to take all your items to your new office, but then spot a new range that takes your fancy. Because of this, we also offer an office storage service to keep your office furniture in a safe place whilst you figure out if you’d like to stick with them or go for a fresh makeover. No job is too big or too small.

Why choose Diamond Interiors?

Our team has a combined experience of over 25 years in the office design and refurbishment industry, so you really do come to the experts when you choose Diamond Interiors. We’ve done this time and time again across the UK, and have developed valuable, insightful knowledge from each job. We work with our customers to understand exactly what each industry and workspace needs advising them on the suitability of their chosen locations and whether these sites would meet their demands. Productivity, efficiency, design, functionality, quality and safety all go into our first-class service.

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