The real reasons behind the ‘quiet quitting’ trend

The real reasons behind the ‘quiet quitting’ trend

The recent popularity of TikTok trend #quietquitting – which now has over 197 million views – has
seen a rise in millennials saying no to ‘hustle culture’, no to going above and beyond in a job
role, and yes to the bare minimum at work. But what’s driving the #quietquitting phenomenon.

Well, office fit out and design experts Diamond Interiors, endeavoured to find out. Using a recent nationwide
survey of 1,500 Brits, we’ve dissected the reasons why millennials are so stressed out in the
workplace, and the potential reasons that could be fuelling quiet quitting.

With a third of the group citing that it’s office culture and environment which tips them over the
edge, it’s no surprise that this trend coincides with the return to HQ after working from home for
so long.

Along with this bombshell statistic, you’ll also find that it’s women who are more concerned with
culture than men, with the latter more worried about the lack of support from upper

‘Almost a third of millennials are most stressed about the office culture and environment at

With the popularity of the #quietquitting trend growing over recent months – see its 197 million
views on TikTok – we got professionals around the UK opening up to their biggest working
stresses, and it doesn’t look great for employers attempting to combat this recent culture

Commercial interior design company, Diamond Interiors asked the nation, and the data reveals
that almost a third of millennials stress the most about their office environment and the culture
that comes with it. The stress of office politics alone made up 17% of this overall tension.

This concern around office politics is most prominent in women, who worry more about this
compared to men. Are we simply sick of office gossip?

Speaking of men, they appeared to be more occupied with unsupportive management, with
22% of them saying it was what brings them the most stress. This is significantly higher than the
women with only 13% of their stress coming from the same issue.

Aside from all the stress around the environment, politics and culture inside the office, a third of
millennials primarily worry about the long office hours more than anything else.

The results speak for themselves: if you want to combat this growing trend, you’ve got to take
care of your office environment in some respect. Whether that means clamping down on office
gossip or switching up the way you work, it could mean all the difference between retaining your
best staff, and having them fade into the background just doing the bare minimum.


The aesthetics of an office can contribute massively to staff wellbeing. So, why not ensure that your staff are happy and productive with a new office design? If you feel that your business is in need of a refresh, get in touch with us today.