How to get your office ready for Christmas

How to get your office ready for Christmas

Move over office grinches, once December rolls around it’s finally the appropriate time to deck the halls and get festive. After a long year of hard graft, reward your employees with some extra cheer to get them through the remaining weeks before the Christmas holidays, encouraging everyone to get involved with a spot of office decoration. So, grab your bunting and baubles, put on your favourite jolly playlist, and get started on your big winter workspace transformation today. 

Christmas themed desks 

Have you ever seen a gingerbread house office desk before? We bet you haven’t, so why not jump on the bandwagon and make Christmas-themed workspaces the norm during the festive season? Recreate some of your favourite holiday scenes and get creative with your office decoration, perhaps using some artificial snow to craft your very own igloo or complete with lights for a magical Santa’s grotto. If your employees are feeling really ambitious, you could even host a competition to crown the winner of the most festive desk or office breakout space

Festive banners and bunting 

And the crafty ideas aren’t going to stop there. Relive primary school days and cut out bunting using your own designs; whether this be angels or snowflakes, the choice is yours. Hang up Christmas banners to complete your winter wonderland, cascading stars and candy canes from your office ceiling for an extra sprinkle of magic. 

Christmas tree

Is it really Christmas without a Christmas tree? The answer, of course, is a resounding no. It’s perfect for getting the office together for a tree decorating session, and you won’t need to worry about disposing of the tree afterwards either! In a world where it’s now possible to rent a Christmas tree, simply organise a collection and arrange to have it replanted – ready for future festivities. This eco-friendly decorative method allows you and your employees to get your crafting hats out again too, using any bits ‘n bobs you have lying around the office to make your own hanging decorations. 

Fairy lights

Set the right ambiance and give your workers a festive yet calming atmosphere to finish the remainder of their work in. Use glowing fairy lights and flickering artificial candles to set the tone. Don’t forget to wrap Christmas lights around your tree to complete the decorative process, or entwine with presents underneath to give them the perfect glowing backdrop.

DIY Christmas stocking

To craft DIY Christmas stockings for your members of staff, simply start with old coffee bags, or any other sacks you no longer need. Not only is this a more sustainable option, they will bring a cosy, rustic feel to your workspace. For additional embellishment, add glitter, ribbon, patterned paper or artificial snow, making sure to make individual name badges so everyone will know which one is theirs. Now you have an ideal place to hide your Secret Santa gift! 

Christmas post box

Have you written all of your Christmas cards yet? For any staff members that are looking to spread festive cheer, give them the opportunity to play Santa and post their letters in style. To make your own DIY Santa mailbox, all you’ll need is glue, paint, and two empty cereal boxes – yes, cereal boxes! Giving a new purpose to your old kitchen waste, these boxes are both easy to cut, and provide a cost-effective way to get your office looking cheerful. Paint and decorate in any way you see fit, place in your office, and watch as smiles start to appear on people’s faces. 

We don’t just give our advice on getting your workspace looking festive either. If you feel as though your office is lacking and you’d like to create the perfect aesthetic for your employees, have a chat with one of our office refurbishment professionals and give us a call today.