7 quirky office furniture ideas

7 quirky office furniture ideas

The design of your office reflects your business – it’s the first thing clients see when they come to visit and it impacts the productivity of your staff more than you might think. Impress both your clients and your employees by incorporating some unusual furniture or themed rooms into your office space. Let your staff have some time out in a Harry Potter themed room or get those creative juices flowing with a unique touchdown area.

So, if you’re keen for a complete office refurbishment, we have a few quirky ideas to get you started.

1. Bright and bold furniture

Ascentis break area

A pop of colour never goes amiss in the office. Add some bright cushions to your existing breakout room sofas, or start over with a complete office refurb of eye-catching furniture and feature walls. Finding bright, beautiful furniture to integrate into your office space will give it some well-deserved TLC.

2. Themed rooms

Ascentis seating area

Possibly one of the quirkiest office furniture ideas is a themed room. We suggest picking a well-known franchise if you’re looking for a book or movie theme – nothing too obscure as this room should be appreciated by all staff members. A themed room is an amazing way to give your office an edge, and your staff will love it too. Ascentis wanted to do just this, so we helped them to create the quirky, Harry Potter inspired workplace of their dreams. What a hoot!

3. Quirky chairs

Nandos HQ office space

Who says chairs have to be boring? Not us. Adding a few striking seating options to your workplace offers employees the choice to take a break or attend a meeting in style. What more could you want? If you’re looking for something similar, check out the custom arrangement we produced for Nandos’ office – we hope you love it just as much as they did.

4. A games room

Tote and Sys group

Adding a games table to one of your breakout areas is another idea. There’s nothing like a good game of ping pong or football to get staff bonding, whilst bringing out their competitive side. Playing a game can also help to destress employees, as well as creating the opportunity for them to reset, ready for a new task. Games tables could even double up as a regular desk if you’re short on space. Why not take a leaf out of Tote and the Sys Group’s book when collecting inspiration for your own office?

5. Incorporate nature

Touchdown area with trees

Most offices will have a plant or two – whether real or artificial, they bring an element of nature into the workplace. Incorporating plants into your office is not only great for elevating aesthetics, it has also been proven to increase productivity by 15%. However, you can go one step further. Create some quirky tree tables, just like we did for Rentalcars.com, or purchase some exotic plants to dot around the office.

6. Add touchdown areas

touchdown booth collage

If you don’t already have one in your office, the addition of a touchdown area massively improves productivity and motivation, and they also look really cool. Get creative with your touchdown booths and experiment with shape, colours and textures, and you can align these to fit your brand. Make one-on-one meetings fun, and provide secluded spaces for staff to get some work done or to collaborate with others.

7. Spruce up floors and walls

rental cars walls


An office redesign doesn’t have to stop at furniture – flooring and wall art is another field to explore too. For example, we added a pop of colour to the Rentalcars.com office with a Marvel themed wall, and a wall made completely out of stereos. A mural, or graffiti feature wall, will thrust your office into the 21st century and is sure to wow your visitors.

Interested in revamping your office space? Take a look at some of our most recent projects to see what we have to offer. Why not get in touch to discuss your weird and wonderful office furniture opportunities?