Your complete office refurbishment checklist

Your complete office refurbishment checklist

What’s the best way to bring some energy back into your workplace? Planning an office refurbishment, of course! There comes a time when any space will inevitably need a fresh lick of paint, and it’s one way to ensure that your employees remain motivated and invigorated. Before you embark on the big refresh, it’s important to acknowledge that any workplace refurbishment will require meticulous planning to ensure a smooth process, right from initial preparation to post-project support. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Have a read of our complete office refurbishment checklist, and start getting excited! 

What are your office refurbishment goals?

Ultimately, a business’s office design will be an indication of a brand’s story, providing visitors or clients with a sense of what you’re all about. So, before you decide on an ideal aesthetic, think about why you’ve decided to embark on an office refurbishment in the first place. What’s the message you want to convey? What emotions and feelings do you want to evoke in employees when they come to work? Whether you’re going through a complete office rebrand, are upsising to make room for new members of staff, or are aiming to maximise productivity in the workplace, anything from the colour scheme you select to your furniture choices will all have an impact – so choose wisely.

Office design inspiration 

Ascentis office refurbishment project 

Now onto the fun part. Take a look at some of our previous office refurbishment projects and get inspired, creating a mood board of all of your favourite ideas and furniture options. Maybe you’d like something fun and playful, similar to that of Ascentis, or perhaps you’re all about exposed urban brick and planters like Beyond. Once you’re clued up on your business’s aesthetic, you can use the ideas you’ve found to spark thoughts about your colour scheme. Energetic yellows and calming blues all affect mood, thanks to the rules of office colour psychology, but with so many shades and tones to choose from, where’s the best place to begin? Have a read of our guide to the best office colours for happy and productive staff to get started, so that you can inject some much needed energy back into your workplace. 

A smooth moving process

The process of moving out your office supplies and equipment can be a long, tedious job, so using an office relocation service will put your mind at ease. This will avoid risk of damage, keeping your furniture safe and secure whilst you focus your efforts on planning your office refurbishment. It also speeds up the process, allowing both you and your staff to carry on with business as usual without any distractions. Just make sure that you communicate this with your employees so that they are prepared for the big move, arranging an appropriate temporary working space if necessary. 

Finding your office design team 

This is where we come in. The process of an office refurbishment can seem daunting at first, especially when you have to keep up with regular business operations and somehow split your time between the two. By working with an office design team, the process is instantly made much easier, preventing feelings of worry from ruining what should be an exciting experience. Our team of professional and accommodating project managers can work with you to tick off your business goals, working around your budget to provide you with the best design recommendations that’ll fit your brand. Even after completion, we can offer post-project support to make sure that your office refurbishment has brought the best out of your business. 

If you’re planning an office refurbishment and need some advice, our team of friendly design professionals are here to help. We can work with you throughout the whole process, from initial planning through to post-project support. Give us a call today to get your workplace feeling refreshed.