How to design your office to maximise productivity

How to design your office to maximise productivity

How much are you thinking about your workplace’s design and how it affects productivity? Because you’d be surprised how common it is for employers to not factor in how their office design plays a huge role in maximising productivity. From the layout of breakout areas to how desks are positioned, there’s a lot that can be considered. So, where do you start?

A motivating work space

Before we begin with office equipment or furniture, it all starts with how motivating your workplace actually is. Having an office design that fits in with your company’s values can go a long way. How strong is the brand presence? And are your values reflected in the work space? There’s even a compilation of the best office colours for productive staff, so even thinking about your office colour scheme can impact productivity. 


Allowing employees to move around easily is good for keeping them focused. We all should be taking short breaks throughout the day to keep our energy levels up, and to keep our bodies exercised. Having a break from the desk or the same four walls can also help us recharge and rethink. 360-degree, moveable office chairs and sit-stand desks are perfect for creating a mobile work space for workers to easily shift to other work areas, whiteboards or work stations. These also all contribute to good workplace ergonomics – driving efficiency and productivity.

Rethink meeting rooms

Don’t just let your meeting rooms sit there as an office add-on. Think about how best to utilise them. Do you really need to bring everybody in for a weekly huddle, or can that be done from where everybody is sat? When you need certain colleagues to get together on tasks, you may want to let them use the meeting room for some uninterrupted time, especially if there’s too many distractions on the main floor. Again, think about colours and the psychology of them in conference rooms, are they fitting to your brand to create a stronger impression for clients? But also, are they creating the right mood and energy for your employees?

Breakout areas

An office breakout area or cellpod can be a brilliant way to utilise space as well as offering a place for staff to either collaborate or work solo for optimum productivity. They can either work as a breakout space for teamwork and brainstorming sessions, or for tasks that require individuals to be in robotic mode. By allowing some workers to move from a usual work desk to get a project done more efficiently, the change of scenery alone can also inspire and get batteries recharged. 

Plants for productivity

It gets repeated a lot, but it’s because it’s true – as studies have shown – that plants in the office really do boost productivity. Their presence helps to lower stress levels and give workers natural views. The biophilic design can increase wellbeing and happiness levels with their air-purifying and aesthetic qualities. Ecotherapy is a thing, and so it’s no wonder the addition of office plants can have a direct link to productivity.

Technology for tasks

You should think about which gadgets and tech equipment suit your work environment and business. Multiple monitors are now the norm these days, as employees often work on so many different platforms. Coders and web developers may need three or four monitors, content writers thrive on two at least to do their research whilst typing away; just check your staff’s tasks to make sure technology is suited. 


Ever heard of a clear space clears the mind? Having too much clutter around can impact our mindsets as we can associate this with being unorganised and not having a handle on things, which can also add to anxiety. If your workplace is pretty packed, untidy, and has cupboards, draws and shelves full of paraphernalia, this can frustrate your workers and get in the way of productivity. A tidier set-up allows you to be more efficient as everyone can organise their workstations better, and documents and equipment can be better placed for easier access.

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