5 things to consider before your next office redesign

5 things to consider before your next office redesign

Is it time for an office redesign? An office makeover is a great way to help attract and retain staff, as well as keep morale high. And when you’re competing with homeworking, an office change is definitely a smart move. Whether you’ve relocated, downsized, rebranded, or just need a refresh, here are five things you should consider when changing things up. 


1. Branding and décor

How reflective is your workplace when it comes to your company’s ethos, values and brand? We’re not just talking about an office colour scheme, but about what’s important to you as a business. If your values talk about how caring you are for both customers and employees, does your workplace reflect this? Are your employees well catered for with an ergonomic workplace to provide a healthy work environment? 

Along with the right work equipment and stations, you should factor in a refreshed office style. Are the walls looking worse for wear? Maybe the rooms need some colour that reflects your brand. It’s also a great time to consider a office breakout area or an office relaxation room that can really improve your work perks.

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2. Technology

If you’ve got plans to bring in some coders, developers or tech-heavy staff, get ready for multiple screens and computers that can accommodate. A second monitor is actually a brilliant idea for all your employees as they increase productivity with better multitasking. Is your conference room looking more 90s than 2021? With many businesses adopting the hybrid working model, you need to make sure those virtual meetings are running perfectly. You can’t afford recurring technical hiccups, so make sure your video conferencing technology is updated. 

3. Seating plan

Depending on your company and building size, you could opt for a seating plan change. You should also factor in which teams and individuals need to work together. Maybe you’re developing a new service, so you’ll need a whole new team to accommodate! When designing a new floor and seating plan, make sure you’re always thinking of health and safety, social distancing, storage, and lighting. Test out workstations to make sure there aren’t any screen glares or obstructions for your staff.

4. Lighting

If you find that there are screen glares present, or that your lighting is inefficient and too bright or dull, then it’s time for new lighting. It may be that you just need some office lamps to create better brightness in corners or areas where natural lighting is low. You can even be creative with lighting by adding in biophilic lighting features with hanging bulbs to match your décor.

5. Your employees!

One final consideration when thinking about an office redesign is your employees. Employers often forget about the people who will actually benefit from an office refurbishment. Send out a company survey or host a meeting to share issues and ideas, and get them involved. Put out a suggestion box or have people vote on a few options on a whiteboard. Think how valued and motivated they’ll feel knowing their voices are heard and that they’ll have a say in what comes together. You may even get some amazing ideas just by asking.

Whether you’ve got a complete vision in mind or have a blank slate, our experienced team is more than happy to have a conversation with you and show you how we work. Take a look at our past office design projects for inspiration, and contact our friendly design team today.