Utilising Social Media for Brand Awareness

Utilising Social Media for Brand Awareness

Social Media


It is hard to keep count of the sheer amount of Social Media networking websites at people’s disposal. Therefore it is likely to throw thousands of companies from using these fantastic marketing platforms. Networking for businesses has never been easier as social apps like Skype allow you to have video conference calls and contact other employees who maybe working from home. Not to mention the two grandfathers of Social Media – Twitter and Facebook. Facebook has acquired over 1 billion users who have created an account, a decent percentage of these users are business promoting their own companies.

Joanna Lush is a Business Development Manager at GX Glass, and in a recent article she states: “Alongside producing a quality product, having good lead times and accurate costings, you have also got to be able to get your name out there and get people to see what you are doing. Social Media is not about making a hard sell, it is more about brand awareness. It is about making sure we have the right infrastructure in place so that we can respond to people and do it correctly, and also ensuring that both our IP (Intellectual Property) and that of our clients is being used properly.”

Lush continues: “As a business we are increasingly getting feedback from customers through Social Media channels. There is so much potential from Social Media and so many different platforms to choose from. For instance, we have been thinking about whether we should start putting together video content telling customers more about what we can do”.

If done correctly, video marketing can be a very successful way of gaining publicity to your website and bringing more traffic to your website – Which should be the main goal of Social Media promotion for all companies. Brand awareness allows you to showcase your company across any networking platform you choose thus persuading interested users into visiting your website.

Social Media marketing has hundreds of potential avenues for you to explore. Companies who have not yet explored the opportunity of Social Media marketing, we urge you to reconsider as it is a really effective way to promote your business.