Top 5 Tips for installing Office Furniture

Top 5 Tips for installing Office Furniture

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In this article we share the top 5 tips to ensure that your office furniture is managed properly right from the start. The tips are acquired from Bruce Lovell – A Business Process Improvement Consultant at FIRA.

  1. Communication and Paperwork – Ensuring the paperwork is accurate is an absolute must. That is why effective communication is so important. As you will have already agreed the installation plan and any potential issues have been addressed before installers have arrived on site, saving time and potentially more money.
  2. Methods and Procedures – Before the start of an installation project, a properly prepared method statement should be signed off to ensure both parties understand the work that will be needed. Installers need to review emergency procedures with the person in charge of the site, again – this should be done prior to the installation.
  3. Training and Equipment – This step should be a given, however it is a fundamental step with everyone involved. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is absolutely essential to reduce the risk of accidents. This guarantees all employees who are working on installations have their ID’s or CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) cards just as important as PPE. You must also be certain that installers are familiar with specific products and how they are effectively installed. This point sounds foolish but this helps reduce any stresses that may occur and can actually turn out to be a costly issue.
  4. Finishing up – Once any project has been completed (big or small) cleaning up properly should be every installers next action, as the remaining mess can overshadow the great work your employees has put into the project. Once the clutter has been cleaned up the customer should be shown a full walk through of equipment that has been installed and made aware of specific features of each item.
  5. Customer Feedback – To help prevent any damages to your company’s reputation there should be a procedure in place to allow customers to complain, even if it is with the best intentions.

These are the 5 tips when it comes to installing office furniture. Bruce Lovell (Business Process Improvement Consultant at FIRA) shares his thoughts on installing office furniture. Bruce says “From installers that don’t have the correct training or are unfamiliar with the products, to hold ups due to simple things like problems unloading the vehicle, incorrect paperwork and poor communication – these are all stresses that you don’t need when carrying out furniture installation and has proved to be a costly hiccup.

Bruce continues, “Whilst there are many reputable companies providing an excellent office furniture installation service, a few poor installations can reflect badly on a whole industry. If an installer turns up unprepared or isn’t fully trained, unable to carry out the installation then the knock-on effect could be a costly delay or a never-ending snagging list. Efficient installations will ensure costs are kept to a minimum and customer satisfaction is high.”