Things to consider when planning an office refurbishment

Things to consider when planning an office refurbishment

So, it’s time for an office update, is it? No threat, we’ve got just the perfect guide to help you get started on figuring out what you need to get a productive office refurbishment project underway. Here are a few things for you to consider.

1. Time


Whatever your office vision, time is a commodity in business, as we all know. Office refurbishment projects can be exciting, but the downside is the time involved. When you run a business and a busy schedule, any more time taken from you is not what you need at all. The good news is that you can get it back, or rather never let it go in the first place, with a dedicated office refurbishment team who can oversee a project from start to finish, right the way through to post-project support

2. Branding


Sometimes, an office refurbishment project is on the cards when a business is going through rebranding. Whether you’re having a brand update, values are being rejigged or you feel like a little office makeover, you should always consider your branding. What you don’t want to do is get carried away with new designs, features, furniture and layouts to come to the end of it and realise it’s pretty off. Whoever comes into your office – be it employees, partners or clients – first impressions are everything, and you’d be surprised as to what people pick up on and how colours, styles and branding link to psychology. Consider your company’s values and brand from the get-go when sourcing out technology, designs and furniture. 


3. Your teams


Never forget; your staff help keep the office cogs moving day in, day out. When planning an office refurbishment, you should consider the people who work for you and ask how do your teams work together? How do they thrive? Maybe your team is growing or downsizing – whichever it is – the dynamic may be changing, and so you should consider how your office layout should be adapted accordingly.


4. Technology

Apple Mac technology in the office

You may have come to realise that your staff needs better equipment. Maybe your current technology is actually not current at all and actually pretty outdated. When thinking about refurbishing your workplace, it’s important to use this time to review how well the office equipment and technology is accommodating your employees’ needs. Could they work more efficiently and productively? With the right technology and equipment, you can seriously improve your workforce’s productivity, and make everyone happier! No one likes a faulty printer.


5. Health and safety


When planning an office refurbishment, it’s the perfect time to consider and review your health and safety policies and measures. And when you’re fitting in more equipment or furniture, you need to factor in health and safety to think about how it might affect your staff. For instance, if workers are using laptops and second monitors, have they all got laptop raisers and ergonomic office chairs? Is the lighting going to cause screen glares? Maybe you’ve got space for a calm breakout area to help employees space out, take a break or have a quieter area to work on specific tasks. 


6. Colours


Whilst it’s important to make sure your refurbishment plans factor in your brand style, you should also consider how you will actually colour your offices, especially when colours can actually affect your staff and productivity. Every colour has its own mood and fits certain vibes. For instance, blue is commonly associated with trust, logic, computing and technology. Red, on the other hand, is associated more with alertness, passion, authority and the body. Whatever your company or brand, make sure your colours are fitting and create the right setting that is welcoming and comfortable. For example, your brand could be all about dark green and dark colours, but would it be a good environment to have all your walls dark, especially with minimal natural lighting? Probably not. If you want to learn more about the psychology behind colours, check out our blog here.

Office colour charts

7. Office furniture


With office refurbishment, you can update your office space with a range of suitable furniture and accessories. This is where you should consider a mixture of the above, like your staff, the workplace dynamic, space, branding, technology and colours. How will your new or updated office furniture accommodate your staff and help towards staff wellbeing, as well as meet health and safety requirements? Will your furniture be suitable for the technology and workstations you already have or will be adding? Whatever your changing needs, just make sure you source the right equipment and furniture for your employees.

Cube quilted office stools
Jazz up an office space with
cube quilted stools


Need some help with sourcing the right office furniture, or a dedicated and highly experienced office refurbishment team to help you with your project? You’re in just the right place; contact us to see how we can bring your vision to life.