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Drawing on vast resources of experience, our consulting team work closely with clients to understand their vision for a new office space, before using an array of perceptual techniques to interpret this vision and provide a clear picture of how it will be delivered. We never rely on the one-size-fits-all technique, instead designing bespoke solutions that will create the perfect workplace and perfectly match both the company’s working requirements and brand image.


Workplace optimisation aims to identify and create the most efficient workplace possible by integrating the key elements of design, technology and furniture. This, together with the commitment of the management team to the whole process and utilisation of our design and planning skills aims to produce a solution combining improved productivity, a reduction in costs and ultimately an overall increase in profitability. The whole process has the additional benefits of reducing building rental costs as well as catering for future business expansion.


It can be difficult to predict the future needs of a company and it is therefore extremely important to make sure that any new office design is adaptable to a variety of potential applications. Changes in staff and requirements can be easily accommodated using a variety of methods such as bench desking, whereby a selection of desktops can be quickly and infinitely reconfigured to suit any imaginable application. Specialist office seating that is designed to instantly adapt to each individual user is also growing in popularity.


Space is always at a premium. A number of aspects have an influence on how an office can best be designed, from legal requirements and technology-integration to storage needs and the type of furniture selected.

Diamond Interiors have extensive experience in bespoke space planning that focuses on creating the most efficient and comfortable solution within the given space, making full use of every available area to maximise productivity and cost-effectiveness.


Vision is our dominant sense and so design ideas only come to life and make sense when they are rendered visual. Using state-of-the-art technology, our skilled 3D artists will create an interactive visual model of the proposed new design, allowing you to take a virtual tour and really get a feel for the new use of the space.

The process also highlights any possible issues which can be quickly remedied and then changed in the unique 3D design.


Once our consulting team have completed their comprehensive study of a workplace, all of the data is drawn seamlessly together to create the proposed new office design.

This will be professionally presented for approval; the plan will be discussed in detail with all relevant features clearly highlighted and explained.

Upon approval, physical work on the project can begin.