Show your office some love with office refurbishment

Show your office some love with office refurbishment

February – the month of love. It’s the time of year when our eyes take heart shapes and we show our appreciation for our loved ones. But, what about showing our love and appreciation for other important things in our life, like our homes, local areas and workplaces? We seem to forget about or take these things for granted, yet they give us shelter, conveniences, and our livelihoods. To that end, maybe it’s time you showed your office some much-needed love and attention; is it time for an office refurbishment?

Does my office need refurbishment?

If your office has seen better days, then it’s probably time to update and refresh, especially if it’s been a very long time since it was renovated. Also, your work dynamic may have changed over the years, meaning new systems, policies, technology and work methods need to be integrated efficiently. It’s also not an easy time for everyone these days, and especially for businesses and offices, where working from home has increased significantly. 

When is a good time to refurbish an office?

It really all depends. But, right now, if you have a significant number of employees working from home, this would be a perfect time to focus on updating your office space or workplace to adapt it and make it more accommodating. Another perfect time to refurbish is when you’re rebranding; with a new brand comes a new look, one that better suits your company’s ethos, vibes and house style. 


Where do I start?

Once you’ve worked out that your office is indeed in need of a little makeover (or some TLC), it all comes down to the office planning stage. This is very important and should not be rushed through; it’s why so many businesses turn to the professionals and office fit out specialists. Those who have worked in office design for years can take charge of the whole process, helping you save time and money by overseeing a transparent, efficient and smooth refurbishment project with post-project support

At Diamond Interiors, we truly get to know you, your brand and your values. We believe in the importance of understanding your vision, to see it as crystal clear as we can to iron out any issues or clarify design points. It’s why we have special 3D visualisation tools to help you see it clearly. To find out more about how it works, simply get in touch with our friendly team. 


Office refurbishment makeover ideas

In the theme of love and appreciation this month and for Valentine’s Day, let’s give you some inspiration to give your office the perfect makeover. It’s the best time to treat your office, and it will thank you for it!

  • If your office is looking a bit outdated, look for modern technology that could work for your business and office space. Think about your brand and company colours too; tech doesn’t have to be monochrome!Pink office desk and pink laptop 
  • When rebranding, it’s all about thinking about your colour palette and new or updated business values. This means that everything you wish to refurbish in your workplace should reflect this. For instance, if your new brand and vibe is a modern, more relaxed one, you could be looking to place some multifunctional furniture and comfy office seating with on-brand cushions – add some niche reading material too.
  • For office and workplace lighting, it’s important to consider health and safety too. During refurbishing, it’s the ideal time to review your policies and how fitting your workplace actually is. You don’t want to create screen glares for your staff or lighting that brings on headaches and eye strains.
  • What about your floors? Whether you have a one-storey or five-storey building, you may realise that you need to update your flooring. It could be a simple carpet installation for some floors or you could opt for blended floor designs of laminates, tiles and carpets. This works especially for those open-plan layouts, where you may have a kitchen or coffee station on one side of the room and a calm breakout area in a corner.
  • Are your walls looking pretty bare? Maybe they need a new paint job or some arty designs. You could jazz them up with wall stencil art, textures, or even get more creative with biophilic design and flower walls.

Office with art gallery

If you need any help with office refurbishment ideas or projects, contact us today for a chat. Let us help your office to be the best it can be.