Office Design

Future-proofing your north west business

Your office should be more than just a place you work. It should be a space where you and your team come together to achieve your collective goals. That’s why when you choose DBI Furniture Solutions for your office design, we’ll take the time to get to know your company inside and out before we begin our refit process. That way, our consultants create a plan that is perfectly suited not just for where you are, but for where you want to be. That’s what makes us different.

Corporate office design you can trust

From independent and niche start-up office spaces to globally recognised, corporate brands, we’ve worked with a diverse range of businesses.

Whatever your brand’s ethos or workplace requirements, we’ll take time understanding what it is you wish to achieve with our dedicated team of office design experts. Once we’ve got to know your brand, and how your office should work, we’ll get straight to work in implementing your vision and our collaborative ideas.

Workspace design experts

When it comes to workspace office design, you need the experts. Ones that combine their decades of experience with technology. Our clever 3D visualisation tools bring your visions to life right before your eyes. So before your dream office is even built, you can get a look and feel of how it may take shape; all after getting to know your brand and direction. With DBI Furniture Solutions, we fully immerse ourselves into the design project, always consulting with you at every step and meeting your requirements along the way – being efficient with your time and money.

Our office design process

In order to achieve your dream office interior, it all starts with a conversation. Our team works closely with you to understand your vision for your new office space – this is a team effort, after all! – always seeking to understand what you need, as well as the brand image you want to capture. We don’t believe in the cookie-cutter approach.

Combining design, technology and furniture, our team will present an innovative solution to you, involving you with every design and tweak along the way. We make the most of the space available to you now, but we’ve always got one eye on the future, anticipating your needs before you even have them. Once you’re happy with the final proposed office design, our team will turn it into a reality.

Making the most of your space

We understand business, and the value of a productive and a well-optimised workspace. It’s why our approach factors in planning for space from the get-go. Every square inch of space is cherished and considered by our office design team, making sure nothing is overlooked – whether it’s an extra desk, a breakout area or clever storage solutions.

Whatever your brand or workspace needs, we’re here to give you expert consultation and guidance to ensure legal requirements are met, as well as opportunities you may have missed that could perfectly suit your business.

From technology integration and office furniture to the most efficient storage solutions and on-brand designs, our team works tirelessly to achieve your vision whilst never compromising or wasting office space.

3D Visualisation

Sometimes it’s not quite enough to describe an idea, you have to see it to truly understand it. That’s why when you choose DBI Furniture Solutions for your office design, we can visually render your office plan, so you can know how it will really look before any construction begins.

Our skilled 3D designers will create an interactive model of your new design. With this model, you can take a virtual tour that helps you get a feel for the new space. That way, you can spot any changes you might want to make, which otherwise you wouldn’t see until the finished product. This helps us design an office that is more than ‘good enough’ – one that’s exactly what you want and more.

Why choose DBI for office design?

Office interior design is about being meticulous, and that’s certainly what you’ll get with our design teams. Everything is well thought out, so you can rely on the most efficient and cost-effective design process – saving you time and always working within your budget.

Our office design consultants work closely with you from start to finish, making sure your dream office is achievable. From intelligent visualisation and expert consultation, right the way through to the build and post-project support. Whatever your needs, we go above and beyond.

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