How to lessen the impact of an office relocation

How to lessen the impact of an office relocation

Although the prospect of an office relocation should be an exciting experience, especially as it gives businesses the chance to grow or completely refresh, it can also be an anxiety-inducing process. Common concerns include the impact on regular business operations, cost, emotional stress, alongside the thought of having to prepare a detailed moving plan. Thankfully, we’ve already helped with the latter in the form of our office relocation checklist, and now we’re here to share how to lessen the impact of an office relocation. Make the big move a special occasion, rather than a day filled with dread. 


Make the move a collaborative effort 

Moving not only affects the business owner, but the employees who will be spending each day in a completely new environment. When any important decision is made, it’s incredibly important that everyone gets a say. This way, staff are more likely to feel visible and respected. A study revealed that 86% of respondents claimed that workplace failures occurred due to a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication, so if you want your business to succeed, always get your employees involved – especially when planning an office relocation. 


Start planning early

Although it’s tempting to postpone planning for your office relocation, procrastination is a silent killer. If you start preparing early, there will be much less stress leading up to the day itself. Nothing good ever comes from rushing, plus it’s harder to think in a clear and productive manner. Order your tasks in terms of priority, checking off each one as you go along so you’re aware of what’s left to be done. 


Finding an office relocation service you can trust

To ensure a stress-free moving process, you can rely on the help of an office relocation service to get the job done. From taking transportation into consideration, to providing an office storage service that will keep your office furniture in a safe and secure place, you’ll have everything you need for things to run smoothly. Plus, you’ll have more time to focus on the other tasks that need to be taken into consideration prior to the relocation. 


Provide regular updates

Always make sure to share regular updates about the office relocation with the entire team. Just secured your new space? Amazing! Let them know straight away and bring out the bubbly. Are there still some tasks left unticked on your relocation checklist? Delegate tasks to make the job easier and quicker. 


Get everyone excited

An office relocation can be stressful, but let’s not forget about the exciting side to it. This is a brand new chapter for your business, and it should be embraced as a win. With the opportunity to inject some life back into your workplace – which is what our office design experts specialise in – the world really is your oyster. Once you’ve set aside plenty of time to plan, alongside making sure that you’re working your way through moving tasks early, you’ll have more time to get your teeth into the good stuff. 


Kit out your new office

Get your brand new office ready for moving day with the help of our office design professionals. Regardless of your preferred aesthetic, you can turn your design dreams into reality as we work with you to get your space relocation ready. Bring your ideas to life with our 3D visualisation tool to ensure that everything is moving in the right direction. Don’t forget to kit out your brand new office with plenty of furniture too, making sure that technology is set up and ready to use before your staff walk through the door. 


Delegate tasks to minimise downtime

An efficient office relocation process will minimise downtime as much as possible, making it easier for your business to get back up and running quickly. Ultimately, if too much time is spent fussing over the move, regular operations will have to be paused; this could impact revenue and cause unnecessary stress. To combat this, delegate set tasks to staff members, asking everyone to get involved to ensure a swift relocation. 


Change your address

Once you have successfully relocated to your new office address, make sure to update any documentation and website information. Although it may sound like a less glamorous task, it’s necessary to ensure business continuity. 


Planning an office relocation? Want to ensure a smooth move? Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help.