Blog: 'Stupid' Furniture?! Technology is truly powerful.
‘Stupid’ Furniture…

‘Stupid’ Furniture…

By July 19, 2016 Uncategorized

Would you believe it if we told you kitchen appliances have Bluetooth? That central heating is controlled with smartphones? The main question is why aren’t more manufactures making this kind of furniture?


Office spaces aren’t just becoming more nimble; they’re also increasingly wired for tech, and future tech when it comes to office planning. That doesn’t just mean more outlets in more places (though those certainly are multiplying rapidly). We are past the tipping point of technology being part of our environment.

Greg Lynn, designer of a smart sports chair for Nike understands. His new chair (see right, credit: google) has sensors to warm or cool users as required, eliminating cramps and reducing fluid loss after exercise, a great invention for athletes looking for the edge. In an interview with Dezeen he commented: “I think the furniture industry is slow to engage technology. It’ll either happen or they’ll disappear.”

Technology is truly powerful. A tech invention can send a startup from a garage in Stoke to the stock exchange in weeks. If the furniture industry doesn’t integrate tech fast (not just wireless phone chargers), it will lose market shares to tech companies that truly innovate.

Kram and Weisshar’s SmartSlab dining table integrates circuitry, allowing food to be cooked and kept at optimum temperature. At the same time your bottle of wine is kept perfectly chilled. All this on your dining table as your dinner guests sit around it. The collaboration between Kram/Weisshar and Iris Ceramica Group is a case in point: neither party is a furniture company. Iris Ceramica (ceramic tile producer) was looking for new uses for its range of tiles and hey presto. Very Jean Prouve too.

Chemistry height adjustable desking is designed to fully interact with you, whether you are in a seated or standing position.