Smarter Office Furniture

Smarter Office Furniture

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Does the design of a shop have an influence on whether you enter it or buy something? We believe this is exactly the same with your office space.

Felderman says sound and lighting are new areas of focus for innovative companies. “For instance, there’s knowledge that lighting affects the mood and productivity of people,” he says. “Companies will be coming out with lighting for which you can change the colour temperature, so it’s cooler in the morning and warmer in the afternoon.”

His business partner Nancy Keatinge, notes that companies are taking employees’ health into account when constructing new office spaces. Flexible workstations, in the mode of Herman Miller’s Living Office, that allow for standing or seated work and ergonomic computer viewing, are becoming standard. So are outdoor areas that allow workers to soak in the sun without taking a vacation. And health rooms, for practicing yoga or meditation, are on the rise.

Incorporating Biophillic design principles into an office space can have extremely positive effects on both employees and customers during the working experience. It is believed that biophillic design and plants in the office can have huge physical and psychological benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety, to improving the quality and availability of respite from work and increasing levels of self-reported wellbeing.

Not only does Biophilia have a massive impact on the employees directly but it may also improve your office economically, by helping to keep the air clean and reproducing oxygen, and may also reduce heating and cooling costs.


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