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Improving and maintaining office hygiene

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Office hygiene is of utmost importance on any given day but unfortunately, employers often lose grasp of it as their focus continually shifts and they prioritise other policies. Improving and maintaining office hygiene (especially when managing a lot of employees) can be challenging. We can often forget about cleanliness when we’re busy in meetings, managing and chasing emails but we’ve compiled a helpful guide on how to help hygiene in the workplace. Read More

Office design trends for 2020

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As we say goodbye to winter, people are gearing up for the spring clean. And your office environment should be no exception. If your office is looking a little tiresome and you’ve become a little complacent during the winter slump, now could be the perfect time to revitalise and bring a new lease of life into your office. We look at the top office design trends of 2020 to give you fresh inspiration and to help your employees have a spring in their step. 

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What makes a good meeting room?

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How many meetings have you been to in your career so far? We bet you can’t count. While there’s a lot of advice and tips out there on running a great meeting that gets the outcome you desire, there’s not a whole lot on perfecting the room itself. So we’ve done it for you and asked the question, what makes a good meeting room? Here’s the answer. Read More

The best office colours for happy and productive staff

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Choosing the colour of your walls at home is easy. While you may agonise over different shades before choosing the perfect one, you’ll have a good idea of which colours you love and which you hate. But when it comes to the office, choosing the best colours suddenly becomes a little trickier. Make the right choice and you have a pleasant and productive environment. Make the wrong choice and you may find the mood drops. And remember, what works for one office may not work for another. Read More

A quick guide to agile working

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The world of work is changing rapidly. Even five years ago, the traditional office consisted of cubicles, people working a 9-5 with employee engagement at the very bottom of a list of priorities, if at all. The explosion in technology and a shift in focus for those in charge has led to more and more people working from anywhere but the main office.  Read More

5 tips for better and healthier office lighting

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Lighting is one of the most important elements of your office, but it’s also one of the most overlooked. Poor quality lighting can have a detrimental impact on the mental wellbeing and overall productivity of you and your employees, and it’s actually so simple to get right. So if you’re ready for better moods, higher morale and even a higher quality of sleep, then follow these five tips below for better office lighting. Read More