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Asian Furniture Design

Asian Furniture Design

By August 17, 2016 Uncategorized

Asian furniture designers are now taking the world by storm. Originally it was the Western brands that took up most of the spot light, we are happy to announce that the tides are changing and the Asian companies are ‘breaking the wheel’ by inventing some truly outstanding furniture designs that would only be seen in an alternate/futuristic movie.

Shin Azumi was the first big name to cause ripples in the Western furniture design scene. It was the fantastic Lem stool for La Palma (2000) that was an overnight success. Since this design we have seen a steady rise in Asian furniture designers adding a spark of creativity to the Western market, and more elements being utilised in new office interior designs.

There are also creative furniture producers called Stellar Works. These are based  in Shanghai, their aim is to ‘celebrate the poetry of Japanese aesthetics, the richness of Chinese ornamentation, the playfulness of Italian design, the refinement of French luxury and the less is more ethos of Scandinavian design.”

The Asian furniture designs are to truly be admired by all, the designs that are being showcased recently bend the realms of reality and will surely have you questioning what you are seeing. So to summarise, Western brand – start watching your back.