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Purple office meeting room colour scheme

Refurbishing tips for hotel conference rooms

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Where normal office spaces are proving difficult to work or meet safely in, companies can look to hotel conference rooms to hold bigger gatherings. As hotels begin to reopen (in line with the government’s coronavirus roadmap), businesses can turn to these spaces for client or team meetings – as long as the rooms and guests are following COVID-19 safety measures. Businesses are already using drop-in office spaces for meetings and professional catch-ups, particularly when their usual offices don’t live up to COVID-safe standards. If you’re looking to offer your conference room for hire, here are some refurbishing tips to give them a new lease of life.

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Comfy office space seating

Inspirations for drop-in offices

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We all know businesses need to adapt to stay afloat when troubling times hit, and one thing many businesses are doing since the pandemic broke out is hiring office spaces. With many working from home, and doing Zoom meetings, a flexible meeting space provides a chance to reconnect and a better chance at scoring a deal with their pitches. Many are opting for brilliant drop-in office spaces and refurbishing to put their mark on them. Let’s get inspired.

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Show your office some love with office refurbishment

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February – the month of love. It’s the time of year when our eyes take heart shapes and we show our appreciation for our loved ones. But, what about showing our love and appreciation for other important things in our life, like our homes, local areas and workplaces? We seem to forget about or take these things for granted, yet they give us shelter, conveniences, and our livelihoods. To that end, maybe it’s time you showed your office some much-needed love and attention; is it time for an office refurbishment?

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Before and after of office designs during COVID

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In early 2020, we looked at the office trends for the year, with collaborative office furniture, flexible workspaces and human-centric designs looking to be accelerated. But one major trend that took over the year was, of course, the global pandemic. Here we take a look at the before and after of office designs around COVID-19 to see how things are changing in the workplace.

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Getting back to the office post-COVID-19 

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No matter where you are in the world, chances are you’ll be having to adapt your life around COVID-19. Lockdowns may differ, but we’re all having to adhere to certain guidelines, with many switching to working from home either temporarily or permanently. But how can we prepare for getting back to the office? And should we get over our fear of returning to normal? Office furniture supplier, we think it’s certainly possible.

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Post-COVID office perks to look out for in the new year

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2020 shook us all, with a pandemic that turned our working world upside down. The way that we all do business, as well as how our workplaces look, has changed dramatically and will continue to change as we adapt to this new way of working. Employers have had to shift to an office design that accommodates social distancing, but they’re also bringing in new office perks to help make the transition back to the office more inviting and better for employees’ mental health and wellness as well as productivity. Let’s take a look at what some of these new 2021 office trends will look like. Read More

How to design a calm office breakout area

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Breakout areas are a growing office trend over the years as workplaces push for more open-plan office dynamics and focus more on employee wellbeing. The initial idea of a breakout area was to provide more communal settings to encourage team-building, to improve group work and to utilise workspace more efficiently. Now in a post-COVID world, breakout areas are providing benefits we’ve never really thought of before.

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Pandemic proofing: 6 ways the office dynamic will change after lockdown

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After more than three months of lockdown, the world is finally starting to reopen. Shops are trading once again and people can finally get a haircut, next to return are the office workers. In many ways, the traditional office is going to undergo some of the most extreme changes. Business owners will have to find the perfect balance between allowing people to do their jobs efficiently, whilst keeping them safe and the surroundings clean. Read More

Advice for offices for a post-COVID-19 workplace

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As the world looks to try and return to some resemblance of normal, something that will be on a lot of office workers’ minds is how workplaces will be made sanitary. Employers will have an obligation to their staff to make offices safe and to drastically reduce the risk of transmitting infections between people through improved office hygiene.

Fortunately it can be quite easy to put these measures in place. All it takes is a bit of logical thinking, gentle encouragement and the cooperation of all involved. Here’s a few ideas on how you can tweak your office design from the experts at Diamond Interiors… Read More

How office spaces will change post-COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down, especially when it comes to how and where people do their jobs. 

Eventually, no one can say for certain, things will try to go back to some resemblance of normal. But the thing is, they won’t ever be quite the same. The way we work in offices is going to change dramatically, but how? We take a look at our predictions for how workplaces will need to adapt for a post-COVID-19 future.  Read More

Improving and maintaining office hygiene

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Office hygiene is of utmost importance on any given day, but unfortunately, employers often lose grasp of it as their focus continually shifts and they prioritise other policies. Improving and maintaining office hygiene (especially when managing a lot of employees) can be challenging. We can often forget about cleanliness when we’re busy in meetings, managing and chasing emails, but we’ve compiled a helpful guide on how to help hygiene in the workplace. Read More

Office design trends for 2020

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As we say goodbye to winter, people are gearing up for the spring clean. And your office environment should be no exception. If your office is looking a little tiresome and you’ve become a little complacent during the winter slump, now could be the perfect time to revitalise and bring a new lease of life into your office. We look at the top office design trends of 2020 to give you fresh inspiration and to help your employees have a spring in their step. 

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What makes a good meeting room?

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How many meetings have you been to in your career so far? We bet you can’t count. While there’s a lot of advice and tips out there on running a great meeting that gets the outcome you desire, there’s not a whole lot on perfecting the room itself. So we’ve done it for you and asked the question, what makes a good meeting room? Here’s the answer. Read More

The best office colours for happy and productive staff

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Choosing the colour of your walls at home is easy. While you may agonise over different shades before choosing the perfect one, you’ll have a good idea of which colours you love and which you hate. But when it comes to the office, choosing the best colours suddenly becomes a little trickier. Make the right choice and you have a pleasant and productive environment. Make the wrong choice and you may find the mood drops. And remember, what works for one office may not work for another. Read More

A quick guide to agile working

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The world of work is changing rapidly. Even five years ago, the traditional office design consisted of cubicles, people working a 9-5 with employee engagement at the very bottom of a list of priorities, if at all. The explosion in technology and a shift in focus for those in charge has led to more and more people working from anywhere but the main office.  Read More

5 tips for better and healthier office lighting

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Lighting is one of the most important elements of your office, but it’s also one of the most overlooked when it comes to office planning. Poor quality lighting can have a detrimental impact on the mental wellbeing and overall productivity of you and your employees, and it’s actually so simple to get right. So if you’re ready for better moods, higher morale and even a higher quality of sleep, then follow these five tips below for better office lighting. Read More

What to look for in new office space

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The time has come to find new office space. Whether you’re setting up shop for the first time or branching out to a new location, it’s undoubtedly an exciting chapter for your business. But it’s not a task that should be undertaken lightly, in fact there’s a lot more to consider than you probably realise. But not to worry, by taking your time and asking the right questions, you’ll be able to find office space that ticks all of your boxes. So before you get started on your new office interior design, have a think about the points below. Read More

Business Growth

5 expert tips for managing rapid business growth

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In modern business circles, advice groups and seminars, having a “growth mindset” is lauded as a vital part of doing business well. It’s even become a way of life for some entrepreneurs. It’s been the maxim of all those who dare to dream they could be the next Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Arianna Huffington: those leaders whose companies grew fast and took over the world.

But is it really that simple?

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Bringing the outdoors indoors: How to fully embrace biophilic design

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Over the last decade, one of the most exciting developments in office design has been incorporating greenery into the workplace. Bringing the outdoors indoors has revitalised the once-drab spaces in which employees were once confined. It’s even been proven to boost staff performance, well-being and happiness.

So, what is it about incorporating nature into our work environment that has such a positive impact?

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5 must-have personality traits that drive productivity

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Cultivating a positive workplace environment is not something achieved by a select few – everyone brings something of their own to the table. Forgive the cliché, but the modern office space is such a hive of activity that it is almost impossible for it to be led by a single presence. Everyone pitches in.

And, if your business is to reap the sweet benefits of growth, increased revenue and industry recognition then the employer must embrace this. Personalities are what make a successful business tick – for better or worse.

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Person doing Yoga

9 Ways to Encourage Your Staff to Exercise (and Save Your Business Money in the Long Run!)

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Across a diverse range of businesses, there is one recurring problem for office workers in the UK. With long periods spent sitting down, sedentary lifestyles are putting employees’ health at risk.

Never has there been such an urgent need for employee exercise programs – but just how much exercise are we talking, here?

According to physical activity guidelines from the NHS, adults aged 19-64 require at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week to stay healthy, as well as a minimum of two day’s strength training per week.

This is more than doable, even if you are stuck in an office all day.
With some simple steps and a little encouragement, employers can easily promote an hour of daily exercise for staff. After all, it’s in the business’ best interests to ensure that all employees are fit and healthy, given that long-term sickness absences cost UK companies an eye-watering £4.17 billion EVERY YEAR!

Promoting exercise and a healthy lifestyle is a win-win situation for both sides. We can reduce the risks of sedentary living for employees, whilst saving businesses billions and improving the economy in the process.

Here’s how you can do it…

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Clerkenwell Design Week

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Last year 34,973 visitors attended London’s most important commercial design festival: The Clerkenwell Design Week. The Clerkenwell Design Week is the home to more creative businesses and architects to be found anywhere else, it is at the forefront of renovation and creativity. With each year it surpasses the previous year with even more talented architects and designers creating true masterpieces to behold.

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Is Sit-Stand The Future Of Desking?

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There is evidence of implementations dating back over a century, but height-adjustable sit-stand desks as we now know them have been available from Scandinavian manufacturers for about 20 years. Sit-Stand desks are becoming more popular, both in work and office environments as well as in a household.

Here are some examples of how sit-stand desks can benefit you!

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Why are desk dividers essential in your office?

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In the office design world open plan offices and collaborative spaces are at the peak of their popularity. However, all of this open space does come with some drawbacks. Sometimes privacy is what is needed to get the most out of your employees and in this blog, we explain the importance of having desk dividers (desk screens) and why your organisation can gratefully benefit from having them. Our desk dividers are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and designs. They make a great addition to any office space, read more below to find out why!

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Asian Furniture Design

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Asian furniture designers are now taking the world by storm. Originally it was the Western brands that took up most of the spot light, we are happy to announce that the tides are changing and the Asian companies are ‘breaking the wheel’ by inventing some truly outstanding furniture designs that would only be seen in an alternate/futuristic movie.

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The future of your furniture

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The future of your furniture depends on what you do today!

In today’s economic climate, many companies are opting to up-cycle their existing furniture. We have obtained many contracts resulting in the resizing of desks for a variety of companies. It has become apparent that it makes sense to re-size and upcycle office furniture at a fraction of the cost to buying new.

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Is ‘Micro’ the Future of Urban Homes and Offices?

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As cities become more congested and built up, space becomes more valuable. And so does flexibility. If homes become smarter and more space saving (or multipurpose) using products like SmartSlab, they should also integrate smart reconfigurable interior walls and flexible equipment. In a state of the art city pad of the future (in just 10 years’ time) interior walls, furniture and equipment will be reconfigured on command to allow flexibility and optimum use of space.

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Social Media

Utilising Social Media for Brand Awareness

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It is hard to keep count of the sheer amount of Social Media networking websites at people’s disposal. Therefore it is likely to throw thousands of companies from using these fantastic marketing platforms. Networking for businesses has never been easier as social apps like Skype allow you to have video conference calls and contact other employees who maybe working from home. Not to mention the two grandfathers of Social Media – Twitter and Facebook. Facebook has acquired over 1 billion users who have created an account, a decent percentage of these users are business promoting their own companies.

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Is the ‘Heavy Duty Chair’ the new ‘Chair’?

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Editorial kindly provided by Patrick Boland – H&M Ergo Seating

With an increasing ‘always on’ society and the rise in instant international communications, many companies are under pressure to offer a more flexible 24/7 working environment to keep pace. This means they need equally flexible office systems and robust furniture to match. Add to that the well-publicised increasing size and weight of the world’s population and the heavy duty category looks like it could soon be considered the norm in office seating.

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Diamond Deliver Coolest Office In Manchester

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It has it’s own beach, James Bond meeting room and even a Back To The Future themed floor – no wonder new head office has been dubbed the coolest office in Manchester.


The stunning new £2.7 million UK HQ in Fountain Street is the hottest office in the city and Diamond Interiors are proud to have created such a fab place to work.

Diamond Interiors supplied the furniture and fittings for OBI Property, the project managers and designers on the incredible project.

They transformed 38,000 sq feet of office floor at 35 Fountain Street for who have taken the second to sixth floors of their city centre  building in their 10th anniversary year. are one of the largest car rental firms in the world hiring a staggering five million vehicles every year employing more than 350 members of staff in Manchester alone.

The move to Fountain Street will create a further 200 jobs and the company were determined to create an office space that would ensure a happy workforce. CEO Ian Brown, said: “At we’re proud to be ‘anything but ordinary’ and we wanted a new office space that would really reflect this ethos and the diversity of our team.

“That’s why we invested so much time and money in creating an office space like no other in Manchester.

“We’re delighted with what we’ve achieved with the building. The reaction from all of our colleagues and visitors so far has been fantastic.”

Manchester based OBI Property represented on acquiring the new lease and were appointed to design and project manage the new fit out, the biggest property deal in Manchester in 2015.

The team created a totally unique building with each floor of Fountain Street hosting it’s own theme including drive-in movies, metropolis, road trip and world cars.

Each floor also contains quirky meeting rooms including James Bond, Manchester, Las Vegas and Back To The Future and a number of fun ‘break-out’ rooms including an open air cinema, PS4 room, a tranquil park and a beach on the top floor complete with beach huts, a Starbucks bar and pool table in a car!

Diamond Interiors MD Nick Pollitt, said: “It was an exciting project to be part of and the results are absolutely stunning.

“We worked with OBI Property sourcing and installing the furniture and bespoke fittings design to compliment and enhance the themes embraced for each floor.

“The final results are an absolutely stunning office that will ensure a happy and motivated workforce.”


For more information from Diamond Interiors or to arrange a free space-planning appointment please contact 01257 278 277 or email

Diamond Dazzle With Sequre Success

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Sequre Property Investments turned to Diamond Interiors for their second office move in a year.


The leading property investment specialists are growing at such a staggering rate they needed to secure even larger premises in Greater Manchester.

They have secured an additional 5,000 sq ft of office space within the building in Sale that has been their headquarters for the past 12 month.

The Manchester based business specialise in sourcing discounted buy-to-let properties in bulk and now have offices in London, Liverpool as well as their Sale HQ.

Sequre Property Investment providing bespoke property investment services for novice investors through to high net worth individuals and professional property investors.

They turned to office and design specialists Diamond Interiors who were tasked with the creation of an open plan office space with storewall and meeting rooms.

Graham Davidson, MD of Sequre Property Investment, said: “We are extremely proud of the success that Sequre has achieved in such a short amount of time. Our growth has enabled us to create local jobs, encourage investment in Manchester and allowed us to support local charities with our fundraising efforts.

“Our rapid expansion is testament to our solid business model and our ability to put investors at the forefront of everything we do, this is why we are experience such an overwhelming number of enquiries each month.”

Diamond Interiors are UK leaders in office interior design and office planning and suppliers of office furniture from leading manufacturers and designers.

The Lancashire based business provided a full design plan service for Sequre Property Investment as well as the supply and installation of the office furniture.

For more information from Diamond Interiors or to arrange a free space-planning appointment please contact 01257 278 277 or email


Diamond Desk For Clarke Energy

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It is the showstopper Clarke Energy dreamed of and the final piece of their Diamond Interiors make-over.


They have installed a bespoke reception desk created by one of the UK’s most prestigious furniture manufacturers at their Liverpool head office.

Diamond Interiors have led Clarke Energy through a complete office refurbishment program transforming their CEO suite at their Knowsley headquarters.

Clarke Energy specialise in the engineering, installation and maintenance of engine-based power plants and are the largest distributors of GE’s reciprocating engine business.

Having successfully complete the refurbishment of their CEO Suite and general office areas in partnership with bespoke furniture manufacturer Hands of Wycombe they were tasked with the creation of a new reception counter.

Diamond Interiors MD Nick Pollitt, said: “This was the final piece of the jigsaw for the Diamond Interior team in terms of our refurbishment program for Clarke Energy and what a way to celebrate.

“We have worked with Clarke Energy for a number of years and they asked us to create something special for their reception area, the main public focal point for their head office and that is exactly what Hands of Wycombe created.”

For more information about Diamond Interiors or to arrange a free space-planning appointment, please contact 0845 683 0024 or email