Inspirations for drop-in offices

Inspirations for drop-in offices

We all know businesses need to adapt to stay afloat when troubling times hit, and one thing many businesses are doing since the pandemic broke out is hiring office spaces. With many working from home, and doing Zoom meetings, a flexible meeting space provides a chance to reconnect and a better chance at scoring a deal with their pitches. Many are opting for brilliant drop-in office spaces and refurbishing to put their mark on them. Let’s get inspired.

Cosier drop-in offices

Blue corner office sofa in drop-in office space

When competing with virtual meetings from the comfort of our own homes, meeting spaces or drop-in offices can adopt the hygge or cosy style. Think rugs, smart corner sofas, creative boards and coffee tables. Changing a meeting space from a clinical, monochrome design to a more vibrant and inviting one. 


Spacious meeting rooms

Spacious meeting room with long desk


Space has never been more important than now when it comes to office design. Wider meeting tables with plenty of space is what many professionals are now seeking. If you want to know more about maximising space in your office, check out our blog here.


Moveable furniture

Moveable furniture in an open-plan office

A popular feature of drop-in meeting spaces can be moveable furniture. Combined with plenty of space, transportable furniture can make office spaces safer. You can move seats near to visual displays, TVs or projectors – wherever you need to be. Add bright colours to make them pop and more attractive and motivating. 


Drop-in kitchens and break areas

Drop-in office space with bright colourful kitchen and furniture

Don’t forget about coffee stations and kitchens for your drop-in spaces. High chairs, stools and tops are great for kitchen and break areas. So, when looking for a flexible meeting space, think about refreshments and accessibility. Catering for your leads or staff will paint you out in a good light. Speaking of paint in a good light, don’t be afraid to go for bold colours – even for kitchens! If natural lighting is minimal, vibrant colours are even more effective. 


Office pods

Blue and pink office pod

What’s great about office pods? They are super functional and versatile. For instance, one side can be the inspiring idea board with the other side being transparent. Pods can separate areas and give more meeting and catch-up options; whether it be one-to-ones or for individual tasks. Again, design doesn’t have to be clinical. Pastel colours and hygge style can be incorporated with cosier floor spaces using rugs and carpets. 


Biophilic and bringing the outside in

Office with plant wall


From plant walls to nature-inspired art, drop-in office spaces can benefit from bringing the outdoors in. There’s something soothing and pleasing about gazing upon natural scenery and having greenery around us. Nature has profound mental benefits when we are surrounded by it or set our eyes upon nature’s wondrous creations. 

Office space with plant ceiling

Separating workstations

Spaced out office with separated work desks


We all have to think about how we can improve our workspaces, and one way is by separating workstations with screens and boards. These work brilliantly for providing more enclosed spaces without shutting off everyone completely. Office chat can still flow nicely, with the added benefit of a little more privacy. Having screens for temporary office spaces is also so much simpler when it comes to shifting furniture and layouts around. 


Comfy work seating

Comfy office space seating


There are so many creative designs out there when it comes to work seating. When our health is seriously put at risk from prolonged sitting, it’s crucial we get our office chairs right. Seating in meeting spaces doesn’t have to be dull. You can add in comfy seating with warm colours and built-in tables for laptops.


As you can see, there are so many style inspirations to use when doing up a drop-in office space. Has anything caught your eye? Contact us today to see what you can do to an office space and how it could suit your plans!