How to design an interesting boardroom

How to design an interesting boardroom

The boardroom is where some of the biggest decisions for your business will be made. Or this could be where you make a deal with a brand new client, or where you finalise a groundbreaking new project. So when it comes to planning your office design, you can (and should) use this space as a way to go all out and show off a bit. Whatever the case, we’re here to help with these useful tips on how to design an interesting office boardroom. 


Colour scheme

Before you start unleashing your inner Van Gogh, there are several things to consider when changing an office colour scheme. Some businesses like to stay close to their office logo, using clever ways to discreetly bring brand colours in their boardroom – whether this be through posters, furniture or simply with a bold feature wall. However, did you know that certain colours can evoke different feelings? 

For those that haven’t yet read our guide to office colours and psychology yet, blue is linked to trust and logic, red to desire and alertness, green to calmness and wealth, and so on. You’re probably getting more of an idea now as to why nailing your boardroom colour scheme is so important, with each shade carrying contrasting effects to the next. 

So, before cracking open a can of paint, think how you want the people entering your boardroom to feel. Would you prefer a more calming atmosphere that promotes clear thinking? Or would you rather use bright, vibrant colours to encourage high-energy discussions? Choose wisely.


Wise office furniture choices 

Decisions don’t always take five minutes, so prepare for longer meetings and invest in some super comfy office furniture. Luckily, you can make your furniture choices both practical and aesthetically pleasing, hinting at your desired office colour scheme as mentioned previously. To create the right atmosphere, look beyond chairs, benches and tables. Selecting your light fixtures is just as important for setting the tone, whether this be urban-style hanging light bulbs with a gentle, calming glow, or a vibrant lampshade that projects tones of red onto the wall. 



Beginning an office refurbishment project can be an incredibly daunting task, but you can completely change the dynamic by making a few small changes. The office boardroom should ignite creativity, which is one of the perks that art in the office brings. Artworks carry several health benefits, are brilliant conversation starters, can reflect a brand’s image, and encourage thinking outside the box. Not to mention, they’re a great way to inject some colour and vibrancy into a once bland space. With this in mind, now may be the time to invest in a few Klimt prints. 


Welcoming atmosphere 

When using your boardroom for client meetings, or for welcoming those outside the business, make them feel comfortable with a few simple homey touches. An office boardroom that’s overly formal may result in visitors becoming more reserved and closed off, meaning that it’s much harder to start a friendly discussion. If, on the other hand, they’re met with a freshly stocked refreshments trolley, a magazine and book stand, or even a cosy cushion or two, they’re much more likely to feel relaxed. Have a think about what it is in your home that makes you feel at ease, and incorporate this into your office boardroom design. 


Biophilia has been one of the major office design trends of 2021, so jump on the bandwagon and get your boardroom kitted out with some potted pals. These leafy greens do more than just making your office look pretty, being linked to a multitude of health benefits. Anyone entering the boardroom will feel a sense of freshness upon entry, again making them feel more at home when surrounded by the natural world. Another way to incorporate biophilia into your office design is to use as much natural light as you can, so be sure to situate your boardroom in a place that will catch plenty of rays. It’s certainly one way to wake everyone up!  

Has this given you some ideas for your next office redesign? If you would like some advice on how to make your boardroom more interesting, our team of professionals would love to have a chat with you. Give us a ring today!