Why are desk dividers essential in your office?

Why are desk dividers essential in your office?

In the office design world open plan offices and collaborative spaces are at the peak of their popularity. However, all of this open space does come with some drawbacks. Sometimes privacy is what is needed to get the most out of your employees and in this blog, we explain the importance of having desk dividers (desk screens) and why your organisation can gratefully benefit from having them. Our desk dividers are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and designs. They make a great addition to any office space, read more below to find out why!

Defined Workspaces:

Depending on your job role, a desk divider is a great way to get a sense of separation from you and your colleagues so you will be able to differentiate your work load from the people that sit to the left & right of you. Take the very chaotic role of an accountant for an example, the amount of paperwork that they deal with is mind boggling. So having a desk divider/separator is absolutely essential as they can keep their workload separate from any other paperwork that’s floating around. If you haven’t incorporated this feature into your office planning, then maybe it’s something you should think about!

They’re also great for bringing a bit of privacy to the workspace – perfect for when team members need to knuckle down and concentrate at the task at hand, away from the chaotic atmosphere that’s occurring around you.

Branding and Colour

Desk screens are a great way to actually brand your office. This is due to the various array of options that are available such as colour, styles and finishes. They are a great way to brighten up any office workspace that creates a vibrant, welcoming space for any visitors that enter your company’s premises.

Information Security

Protecting information can be a challenging task in itself for all businesses, this becoming exceptionally difficult in large, open plan offices where everyone can see each other’s screens. Having strategically placed desk dividers is a great way of hiding the confidential information that other employees should not be seeing. Going back to our example of accountants and other HR employees, desk dividers make a fantastic feature to safely secure your work load from the other curious eyes in your workplace.

Personalising Working Areas

Having researched some statistics, stats show that allowing employees to personalise their work space with whatever dastardly devices they wish to showcase. This is known to increase the wellbeing and overall happiness of your staff, even increasing productivity. Again, this is where desk dividers come into play. It will be even more beneficial for productivity if your colleagues had office dividers to fully personalise their office space without having anyone else’s work/equipment invading like a swarm of Vikings.

Identifiable Departments

Not only do desk dividers do a great job of granting you room to actually keep your workload to yourself. They are also great for defining departments, without having to surrounding your team with separate sets of four walls. This will give your colleagues a degree of separation whilst still feeling like part of the same office.

Practical Storage

Choose the right desk screens, and they can make excellent platforms for useful office accessories like monitor arms, trays, shelves and pen holders. This can help to keep your office clean, tidy and organised, whilst improving employee productivity and freeing up valuable workspace on the desk surfaces.


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