5 cool and quirky meeting room ideas you can steal

5 cool and quirky meeting room ideas you can steal

The importance of meeting room design

Did you know that your office design choices can impact employee retention? Statistics have revealed that 48% of staff admit that this has a notable impact on their decision of whether to stay with an employer, so if you’re starting to feel as though your décor is more bland than brilliant, it could be time for a revamp. 

Reflecting on your meeting room design is the ideal place to start, especially with this being the main place where crucial business decisions are made. The environment you’re in can seriously affect engagement and productivity levels, so if your staff find themselves staring at a dull, blank wall, you’re unlikely to see many lightbulb moments. Instead, get those energy levels back up and take inspiration from some of the coolest and quirkiest meeting room ideas around that are certain to revive your office. 

Pac-man meeting room

Game over. Coolblue takes the top spot for the most creative meeting room design, being inspired by the retro video game recognised across the globe: Pac-man. All of Coolblue’s meeting rooms are designed by their director, Joost Bakker, incorporating his employee’s innovative office design ideas to cleverly use each room to tell his company’s story. This really got us thinking about how businesses could use other out of the box revamp methods to provide an insight into their inner workings. If this idea is able to bring feelings of nostalgia, all whilst taking a more playful approach to design, it’s all the more likely to become a popular talking point. 

If you want to take a similar approach to Coolblue, allow your employees to immerse themselves into an alternate reality, using everything from wall decoration to office stools to achieve the desired effect – as long as it fits in with your brand’s image. Not only this, take a leaf out of Bakker’s book and get your employees involved with the design process. Who doesn’t love a creative team exercise? 

Biophilic office design elements

For those looking to create a zen office space, the incorporation of biophilic elements is sure to contribute to feelings of ease. The biophilia theory is built on the notion that humans have an “an innate and genetically determined” desire to be close to the natural world, as stated by the biologist E.O.Wilson. The benefits to biophilic office design is supported by findings, which show us that workplaces with multisensory biophilic features had a positive impact on executive functioning, alongside improving stress and workplace satisfaction. 

We felt inspired by the above tropical meeting room, based in Amsterdam, using earthy green tones for the wallpaper and plant inspired furniture to create a quirky jungle paradise. You too could create the same effect within your own office space through living walls, graceful hanging planters and small water features to bring an essence of the outside, indoors. 

Office library

WeWork’s Nogizaka building has it all, with their coworking spaces offering creative meeting rooms that incorporate book shelving into their design. For workers looking to upskill or temporarily disconnect through the power of a good read, this relaxing environment is enclosed by soundproofed glass, keeping concentration levels at an all time high and outside noise levels to a minimum. 

You could incorporate these design ideas into your own workplace by using something as simple as a bookcase to spruce up drab walls. Not to mention, if you do experience any temporary delays whilst waiting for a meeting to start, you can always encourage participants to occupy themselves with a novel. 

Cool, yet cosy

Function Fixers took home comforts to the next level for their meeting room design, using modernistic yet comfortable office seating, vibrant cushions and a multicoloured rug, all of which is illuminated by a warm glow. Pieces of abstract art complement their aesthetic, providing workers with a comfortable space that allows them to relax in style. 

An efficient meeting room design should always hold comfort at its core, featuring furniture that caters for longer meetings. Of course, you can always experiment with funky silhouettes for quirkiness, adding cushions or throws for plenty of padding. Staff are more likely to come up with ideas when their mind is completely relaxed, so not only will you get a chance to unleash your creativity during this design project, you’re likely to notice an abundance of business benefits too! 

Fantasy meeting rooms


What better example to provide for a fantasy inspired meeting room than with our Ascentis office redesign project? Looking like something straight from a film set, this Alice in Wonderland themed meeting room could bring a dusting of magic to any dull space. From chairs inspired by the White Rabbit himself, to wall art that depicts the famous Mad Hatter’s tea party, this unusual room is sure to impress staff and clients alike. 

So, regardless of whether you’re a Disney or Pixar fan, you can rely on the help of Diamond Interiors to make your office design dreams come true. To find out more about what we do, get in touch with our team of experts today.