How to arrange furniture in a small office

Employee discussion in shared space

Good small office design, when done properly, can create a pleasing atmosphere and lead to increased productivity and good overall wellbeing. But when your office space is particularly small, this can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re planning an office refurb. So if you have a relatively small space but want to maximise your […]

Your complete guide to office relocation (and checklist)

stack of boxes next to an office computer monitor

Daunted at the thought of office relocation? Before we delve into how best to plan the ins and outs of it your office relocation, we believe that a hearty congratulations is in order. An office relocation is the perfect way to start fresh, and a completely blank canvas means that you can kit out your […]

The ultimate guide to office fit out and relocation planning

Cardboard box

Business can be hectic, but your office fit out or relocation projects don’t have to be. Whether you’re downsizing, getting a bigger office, moving to a new centre of operations or just freshening up your workspace, you need a clear plan of action to help you complete your fit out or relocation efficiently and stay […]

Why in-person meetings are still important

group of people in a work meeting for an in person meeting

The Coronavirus pandemic meant a drastic change in the way workplaces function and hold meetings. Many employees have found themselves attending more virtual meetings than they would when they were in the office. But are these meetings as productive or necessary as in-person meetings? Read on to learn more about the importance of in-person meetings […]

Top 6 features of accessible office design

an accessible office design

Featured image: Adama, Reading Inclusiveness should make up a huge part of your office culture, with all employees educated on how to make the office a better place. Embracing accessibility is just one way to improve company culture, as well as flexibility, autonomy and great relationships within the office. Aside from workplace culture, it is […]

How to improve company culture

Meeting area with screen

Company culture is one of the most important factors of any workplace. In fact, 94% of entrepreneurs say that good company culture is vital for success. With this in mind, you may want to start researching how to improve company culture in order to better support your employees. Not to mention, it always helps to […]

What does your office snack say about you?

When working in an office, your choice of snack can be a controversial topic. The confectionary you pick can say a lot about you and your personality, or at least from the outside. With that in mind, we’ve broken down the most popular snacks and what your choice says about you. Whether it’s powering through […]

The perfect job interview, from start to finish

Job interview with handshake

New Year, new you… New job? If 2023 means a change in your career path, then you’ll likely be lining up a few interviews. But if you’ve been in the same role for a while, then you may be a little nervous. Shake off those nerves and prepare like a pro: office interior designers, Diamond […]

The benefits of a hot desking office design

Extravision office space

Featured Image: Extravision Ltd, Salford Quays No office is designed the same, as you can see from our vast array of different projects. There are so many different working techniques that can benefit from different layouts and design features. Hot desking is not only a feature of office design, but it also hugely impacts the […]

The real reasons behind the ‘quiet quitting’ trend Manchester office refurbishment

The recent popularity of TikTok trend #quietquitting – which now has over 197 million views – has seen a rise in millennials saying no to ‘hustle culture’, no to going above and beyond in a job role, and yes to the bare minimum at work. But what’s driving the #quietquitting phenomenon. Well, office fit out […]