A simple guide to workplace ergonomics

Ergonomics: the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. When it comes to shaping and designing a workplace, efficiency is definitely an inspiring goal – along with an awesome aesthetic, of course. So, with that in mind, how are you factoring in workplace ergonomics when embarking on your office redesign? Use this helpful guide […]

What to consider when changing an office colour scheme

So, it’s time for a complete office colour scheme overhaul? Well, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect place to help; we know all about what to consider before you change your office colour scheme. To help you get it right and to choose the perfect colours to suit your brand and office, Diamond Interiors has a […]

The ultimate guide to office fit out and relocation planning

Business can be hectic. But your office fit out or relocation projects don’t have to be. Let us run you through our ultimate guide to office fit out and relocation planning to help you create a smooth-sailing office transformation from start to finish.  

Office design trends in 2021

Working from home may be continuing for many, but employers are utilising this time to renovate or relocate their office spaces to gear up for a return back to the office. And of course where working from home isn’t feasible, business owners are turning to office design experts for inspiration on how to implement social […]

Before and after of office designs during COVID

More spacious and socially distanced office

In early 2020, we looked at the office trends for the year, with collaborative office furniture, flexible workspaces and human-centric designs looking to be accelerated. But one major trend that took over the year was, of course, the global pandemic. Here we take a look at the before and after of office designs around COVID-19 […]

Getting back to the office post-COVID-19 

No matter where you are in the world, chances are you’ll be having to adapt your life around COVID-19. Lockdowns may differ, but we’re all having to adhere to certain guidelines, with many switching to working from home either temporarily or permanently. But how can we prepare for getting back to the office? And should […]

Post-COVID office perks to look out for in the new year

2020 shook us all, with a pandemic that turned our working world upside down. The way that we all do business, as well as how our workplaces look, has changed dramatically and will continue to change as we adapt to this new way of working. Employers have had to shift to an office design that […]

6 ways to create a chilled office relaxation room

It’s uplifting and positive to see more and more companies improving work-life balance and putting more effort into creating socialised spaces for their employees. One way companies are helping to improve staff wellbeing is by creating a chilled office relaxation room. Stuck on ideas? Here are our top picks to incorporate into your office interior […]

How to design a calm office breakout area

COVID-safe breakout area for the office with a man wearing a mask sat on a sofa on his own with a table

Breakout areas are a growing office trend over the years as workplaces push for more open-plan office dynamics and focus more on employee wellbeing. The initial idea of a breakout area was to provide more communal settings to encourage team-building, to improve group work and to utilise workspace more efficiently. Now in a post-COVID world, […]

Pandemic proofing: 6 ways the office dynamic will change after lockdown

An office setting during COVID-19 with two office workers sat at desks working with face masks on

After more than three months of lockdown, the world is finally starting to reopen. Shops are trading once again and people can finally get a haircut, next to return are the office workers. In many ways, the traditional office is going to undergo some of the most extreme changes. Business owners will have to find […]