14 simple office refurbishment ideas

Urban Bubble kitchen area and seating

Despite the homeworking and hybrid revolution, maintaining a stylish and comfortable office is more important than ever. In the recruiting landscape,  you’re competing with the comfort and convenience of your employees’ homes, so you need to make your office even more appealing to encourage them to work on-site. If you want to attract top talent […]

Why in-person meetings are still important

group of people in a work meeting for an in person meeting

The Coronavirus pandemic meant a drastic change in the way workplaces function and hold meetings. Many employees have found themselves attending more virtual meetings than they would when they were in the office. But are these meetings as productive or necessary as in-person meetings? Read on to learn more about the importance of in-person meetings […]

How to design your office to maximise productivity

Open plan office space

How much are you thinking about your workplace’s design and how it affects productivity? Because you’d be surprised how common it is for employers to not factor in how their office design plays a huge role in maximising productivity. From the layout of breakout areas to how desks are positioned, there’s a lot that can […]

A simple guide to workplace ergonomics

Ergonomic mouses

Ergonomics: the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. When it comes to shaping and designing a workplace, efficiency is definitely an inspiring goal – along with an awesome aesthetic, of course. So, with that in mind, how are you factoring in workplace ergonomics when embarking on your office redesign? Use this helpful guide […]

5 must-have personality traits that drive productivity

Man sitting in communal area

Cultivating a positive workplace environment is not something achieved by a select few – everyone brings something of their own to the table. Forgive the cliché, but the modern office space is such a hive of activity that it is almost impossible for it to be led by a single presence. Everyone pitches in.

And, if your business is to reap the sweet benefits of growth, increased revenue and industry recognition then the employer must embrace this. Personalities are what make a successful business tick – for better or worse.